China garment – garment brands, garment information, garment media Garment News Create an upgraded version of “Textiles from East to West” Guigang, Guangxi, cultivates a textile and clothing industry cluster worth 100 billion yuan

Create an upgraded version of “Textiles from East to West” Guigang, Guangxi, cultivates a textile and clothing industry cluster worth 100 billion yuan

“The textile and apparel industry in Guigang, Guangxi has a good foundation and great development potential. Myanmar is a major exporter of textiles and apparel. Guigang can use it…

“The textile and apparel industry in Guigang, Guangxi has a good foundation and great development potential. Myanmar is a major exporter of textiles and apparel. Guigang can use its own advantages to strengthen cooperation with Myanmar. Whether it is cultural exchanges or technical cooperation, there is a lot of room for cooperation between the two parties. Big.” Zhang Chong, president of Myanmar Golden Phoenix Newspaper, said after visiting China (Guigang) Textile and Clothing Fashion New Zone on the 26th.

The “2023 Foreign Media Views Guangxi” interview event jointly sponsored by the Propaganda Department of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Guangxi Branch of China News Service is being held. Nearly 30 mainstream media and Chinese media representatives from ASEAN countries visited China that day (Guigang) Textile and Clothing Fashion New District.

Now is the peak period for woolen textile shipments. Walking into Nolan Clothing Co., Ltd. located in Pingnan County, Guigang City, Guangxi, white wool looms are busy running, and workers are skillfully operating various machines in their respective positions. “Eighty percent of our products are exported to the European market, and orders for this year are already fully booked,” said Li Zhen, deputy general manager of Guigang Nolan Clothing Co., Ltd.

Guigang Nolan Clothing Co., Ltd. was invested and constructed by Oujiate Clothing Co., Ltd., Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. It was established in September 2019 and will be officially put into production in October 2022. “We mainly produce various knitted garments for women, with a monthly production volume of 250,000 to 300,000 pieces of clothing. This year’s exports are expected to reach 3 million pieces, with an output value of 150 million yuan (RMB, the same below).” Li Zhen said.

China (Guigang) Textile and Apparel Fashion New District (hereinafter referred to as “Fashion New District”), where Guigang Nolan Clothing Co., Ltd. is located, has a total area of ​​60.58 square kilometers and is one of the largest textile and apparel industry chain bases in China. The new fashion district mainly includes “one core and six parks”, namely the core area of ​​Zhenlong headquarters, Dacheng Green Ecological Park, Wulin Intelligent Manufacturing Park, Daan Industrial Clothing Customization Park, Linjiang Brand Innovation Park, Dahxin Quality Children’s Clothing Park and Mule Leisure Sports Park , forming a one-stop production line for printing and dyeing, sweater pressing, and accessories markets.

The core and main park layout of the Fashion New District is in Pingnan County. Pingnan County is located in the center of the Pearl River-Xijiang Economic Belt, with “first come first served” status. It has a unique location advantage to undertake the transfer of industries from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao and realize the synergy of the Guangdong-Guangxi textile supply chain. It is also rich in land resources and labor force.

Pingnan County actively guides eastern enterprises to achieve win-win cooperation in creating an upgraded version of “Eastern Textile Moving West” through technological upgrading, equipment updating, and process replacement. “Most of the enterprises entering the fashionable new area were transferred from the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Many enterprises that have been put into production have not transferred the backward and obsolete equipment and processes in the Greater Bay Area to Pingnan, but have achieved technological upgrades and processes during the relocation. Generational replacement, industrial transfer is also industrial upgrading.” According to He Zhongwu, director of Pingnan County Textile and Garment Industry Development Center.

The first phase of the Zhongjian Sports and Leisure Smart Factory project located in the Fashion New District was completed and put into trial production in September this year. “Our entire project is based on industry-leading automation, digitalization, and intelligent investment and construction. Currently, 10 garment hanging production lines have been installed. After the production is put into operation, the annual output value is planned to be 250 million yuan, and the annual sales are expected to exceed 200 million yuan.” Guangxi Zhongjian said Zhou Wen, general manager of Sports and Leisure Clothing Co., Ltd.

“The new fashion district is driven by green functional dyeing and finishing, supported by technological textile fabrics, and focused on fashionable high-end clothing manufacturing. It vigorously develops the textile and clothing fashion industry throughout the industry chain and strives to create a modern high-end textile and clothing innovation cluster and docking area. It is a green demonstration zone for industrial transfer in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, and a pilot zone for the development of the ASEAN International Corridor.” He Zhongwu introduced that at present, the park has introduced 259 companies such as Shifang Investment Group and Guannan Investment Group, with an investment amount of approximately 34.5 billion yuan, and has achieved a cumulative More than 100 projects have started construction, 47 have been completed and put into operation, 53 projects are under construction, and 7 projects have been approved by the government. Industrial agglomeration development has begun to take shape.

Wannan Group President Zhou Jianhua has been engaged in the woolen industry for more than 20 years. Under his leadership, more than 100 textile, clothing, and woolen equipment manufacturing companies from Dongguan, Guangzhou, Wenzhou, Kunshan and other places have settled in Pingnan County. “Guangxi is at the forefront of connecting the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and ASEAN. It has great advantages in industrial undertakings and production capacity aggregation, and has promising prospects for developing the textile and apparel industry.” Zhou Jianhua said.

The textile and garment industry is China’s traditional pillar industry, an important people’s livelihood industry, and an industry that creates new advantages in internationalization. In recent years, Guigang City has seized the major opportunities arising from the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area that has become a national strategy, the transfer of eastern industries, and the city’s inclusion in the key cities of the Pinglu Canal Economic Belt. It has proposed to build the textile and clothing industry into a 100-billion-yuan industrial cluster. Actively promote the transformation, upgrading and healthy development of the textile and apparel industry, and a new textile and apparel city is emerging.

According to the official introduction of Guigang City, the city is currently making every effort to build three major textile and clothing industry clusters, namely the Fashion New District, Mule Leisure Sportswear Production Base, and Gangnan Qiaowei Down Industry Base. Among them, the Leisure Sportswear Production Base in Mule Town, Guiping City has more than 500 textile and clothing companies, with an annual output of more than 300 million sets of sportswear, becoming the largest leisure sportswear production base in Guangxi; the Gangnan Down Industry Base currently has more than 150 down processing companies With an annual output of 67,000 tons of feather flakes and 15,000 tons of down, accounting for 28% of the country’s total feather and down processing, it is one of the three largest feather and down processing bases in the country..

In recent years, the Maritime Silk Road Textile and Apparel Fashion Conference and the 15th Global Textile and Apparel Supply Chain Conference have been held in Guigang, further expanding Guigang’s “circle of friends” and injecting new ideas into accelerating the construction of regional industrial and supply chains. Momentum, new vitality. (End)</p

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