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“Digital Transformation and Intelligent Reform” Promotes Changyi’s Intelligent Upgrading

Changyi is known as the “Hometown of Silk”. The development of the textile and clothing industry has a solid foundation and a complete industrial chain. There are 90 re…

Changyi is known as the “Hometown of Silk”. The development of the textile and clothing industry has a solid foundation and a complete industrial chain. There are 90 regulated enterprises, and their products cover all industry categories such as spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing, finishing, clothing, home textiles, and industrial textiles.

Since the beginning of this year, Changyi City has conscientiously implemented a series of arrangements for industrial economic development by the central government, the province, and Weifang City. According to the municipal party committee and municipal government “Strengthening efforts to break through the development of the digital economy” requires digital transformation and intelligent transformation as key measures to promote high-quality industrial development. The “N+X” Digital Transformation Action Plan for the Textile Industry in Changyi City has been issued to fully promote textile and clothing The industry has accelerated digital transformation and intelligent transformation and achieved remarkable results.

Recently, in the digital production workshop of Shandong Kaitai Microfiber Co., Ltd., several flashing red and green signal lights and lighting systems, a High-speed running smart machines, real-time feedback of various production data on large CNC screens… Here, there are only a handful of workers, and the originally cumbersome production processes are being replaced by digital systems.

“Through digital transformation, the company has transformed from traditional manual data statistics to automatic statistics of production processes such as PDA mobile code scanning and workstation tablets. In particular, the most time-consuming processes such as cloth inspection, entry, and warehousing have all been made intelligent through machine vision, which not only improves work efficiency and reduces labor, but also provides greater guarantee for product quality.” said the relevant person in charge of the company. arrive.

The microfiber industry is an important emerging sub-industry derived from Changyi’s traditional textile industry, and is also a new growth pole for the development of Changyi’s textile industry. . As the market environment continues to change, it is urgent to rely on digital empowerment to solve the problems that restrict the development of the textile industry such as “low level of equipment automation, low added value of products, and insufficient corporate technological innovation.”

To this end, Changyi City has combined the province’s financial subsidy policies such as “Enterprises on the Cloud” and “Innovation Vouchers” to take into account the common features of the textile industry. Process flow – gray fabric quality inspection lightweight, low-cost transformation as the entry point, select Kaitai Microfiber, a leading company in the microfiber industry, as a pilot for digital transformation to intelligent transformation, and establish a digital management and control platform that connects the entire process of production, business, warehousing, quality, etc. , the company’s production efficiency has increased by 10%, labor costs have been reduced by 15%, and operating costs have been reduced by more than 30%. At present, the company has an annual output of 40 million meters of suede superfiber, becoming the largest suede superfiber production base in China.

Kaitai Microfiber’s digital transformation to smart transformation has successfully mobilized the enthusiasm for transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises in the textile field. Up to now, Changyi City’s textile industry has 3 “Enterprise Cloud” benchmark companies at Weifang City level or above, 1 typical industrial Internet application scenario in Weifang City, and 5 digital economy “Morning Star Factories” at Weifang City level or above. Since the launch of the “Enterprise Diagnosis Month” activity, a number of professional teams have been established to accurately serve the textile and apparel segment, including Shandong Dongze, Hangzhou Tianfu, Zhejiang Zhituo, Yunshu Technology, and Changyi Mobile, and have compiled 77 scenarios. According to the list, 11 projects including Kaitai Microfiber and Huateng Textile have been signed, and 6 projects including Brilliance Printing and Dyeing have reached cooperation intentions. They are preparing to increase investment in digital transformation and build smart factories and digital workshops with high standards.

It is foreseeable that in the near future, the traditional textile industry in Changyi will get rid of the symbol of “labor-intensive and low gold content” and gradually realize Smart upgrade. </p

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