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Gaoyang County’s “digital + textile” application scenarios frequently “new”

Standardized digital textile workshop, advanced intelligent textile equipment , personalized cultural and creative products… Since last year, Gaoyang County has worked hard t…

Standardized digital textile workshop, advanced intelligent textile equipment , personalized cultural and creative products… Since last year, Gaoyang County has worked hard to create a “benchmark for modern industrial system in county construction”, seize the development opportunities of the digital economy, encourage enterprises to continuously upgrade new equipment, develop new categories, build new digital platforms, and strive to Promote the transformation of the textile industry into “digital intelligent manufacturing” and transform and upgrade to an industrial model with high added value, high technology content, and high personality matching.

At present, the county has become a provincial There are 4 national-level digital workshops and 16 provincial-level specialized and new enterprises. The annual output value of the textile industry is 53 billion yuan.

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  ——Digital development of new models and new business formats

    When you get up and wash up in the morning, you can use your mobile phone to scan the QR code on the back of the towel, and you can listen to the graceful and beautiful Kun Opera and enjoy the charm of traditional opera culture. This product idea is an attempt to apply Gaoyang County’s “digital + textile” new scenarios.

   “Gaoyang is the birthplace of Kunqu Opera in the north , we fully considered the opinions of the Northern Kun Opera Theater and selected the first batch of classic characters from five representative works of Kun Opera, including “The Peony Pavilion”, “Continuing Pipa” and “The Palace of Eternal Life”, and used digital embroidery technology to beautifully present them on towels for consumers to use. Towels, appreciation of intangible cultural heritage.” said Duan Hui, the inheritor of Gaoyang homespun grass and wood dyeing technology who participated in the design of this product.

   At present, the textile industry is developed through digitalization New models and new business formats have become the consensus for Gaoyang textile companies to break through. Driven by the demonstrations of leading companies such as Gaoyang Yongliang Towels, a number of personalized, customized and digitally innovative creative products such as “Royal Title Cotton Picture” brocade, organic cotton towels with “ID cards”, and “singing” towels have emerged Launched on the market, we will continue to improve the value-added space of products and realize the transformation from Gaoyang weaving to Gaoyang creation.

  Product quality is related to the future of industrial development. Improving product quality is the key to industrial upgrading. Hebei Kaman Textile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the first company in Gaoyang County to use the towel product quality traceability system. “As long as you scan this code, all the inspection information of the product will be displayed.” Zhao Yaning, the company’s quality director, said, pointing to the QR code assigned to the company by the system.

  Last year, the county launched a towel product The quality traceability system allows consumers to scan QR codes when shopping to learn about product supervision and spot inspections, incoming inspections, process inspections, etc., so that they can consume with confidence. Government regulatory authorities can also rely on this system to strengthen process records. Once quality problems occur in corporate products, they can be corrected, improved and recovered in a timely manner, promoting the realization of a large-scale regional product supervision scenario.

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“Industrial Brain”

 ——Data value-added services promote a win-win situation for all parties

More than 300 companies on the line, more than 200 in -depth cooperative companies, 15,000 linked enterprise production capacity equipment, and 4.191 billion pieces of finished products … In July of this year, the Gaoyang Textile Industry Internet Cloud Platform was officially launched online , achieved remarkable results in the past three months, and 10 subsystems have been developed and put into use at the platform system level.

Gaoyang County comprehensively benchmarks the industrial digital transformation experience of advanced regions, strives to promote the digital reform of the textile industry, builds the Gaoyang textile industry Internet cloud platform, and creates a textile “industrial brain”, which is widely Link the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to form a “virtual group” that combines online and offline activities to promote enterprises to stay together.

  Over the past three years, in “Hebei· The “Gaoyang Textile Index” operation and maintenance platform publishes the price index of semi-finished gray fabrics and finished products (towels, bath towels, blankets, etc.) every month, as well as the industrial development index, competitiveness index and prosperity index every quarter, which effectively promotes the physical The economy and digital economy develop collaboratively.

   “Hebei Gaoyang Textile Index” The operation and maintenance platform will also write corresponding comments on the operation of each index, analyze the reasons for the rise and fall of the data, and write index analysis reports every quarter, half year, and year, combining policies, market environment and other factors to analyze the development of the entire industry and provide guidance. The textile industry puts forward relevant countermeasures and suggestions.

  Transforming ideas into actions, the county Adhere to using digital thinking to promote the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry in depth. In March this year, the Hebei Digital Scene Innovation Summit was held in Gaoyang. Gaoyang’s textile industry was identified as a “digital empowerment county economy pilot county” by the Provincial Digital Economy Federation; in July, the Towel Digital Carnival Season (Second Quarter) was held in the county ), the China National Textile and Apparel Council determined that the regional brand value of “Gaoyang Towel” is RMB 51.98 billion and the brand strength is 805.6.


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