YJ type water jet loom

YJ type water jet loom YJ770 water-jet loom is a new generation product independently developed by Zhejiang Shaoxing Yuejian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. on the basis of diges…

YJ type water jet loom

YJ770 water-jet loom is a new generation product independently developed by Zhejiang Shaoxing Yuejian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. on the basis of digesting and absorbing the advanced technology of domestic and foreign water-jet looms. This machine has the characteristics of high speed, good stability, low noise, and wide range of varieties.
Suitable weaving varieties are 130-350cm in width, and the yarn types are light, medium and heavy-duty fabrics such as plain weave, twill weave and satin weave of polyester, nylon filament and other hydrophobic fibers, and the fabric weight is 50-500g/m2.
The frame part uses strong box-shaped wall panels on both sides and reinforced triangular special-shaped steel pipes as cross beams, which increases the strength and rigidity of the loom, reduces vibration during high-speed operation, and achieves stable weft insertion and beat-up. The high quality of the fabric is maintained.
Transmission system The main driving parts are stored in the sealed oil tanks of the box-type wall panels on both sides, achieving high-speed operation. The use of a super-starting motor enables the torque to be several times higher when the loom is started, which can prevent the weft from slackening in the parking gear and during shuttle pick-up.
The weft spray device adopts a new annular nozzle that improves the concentration of the jet water, realizing small opening weft insertion and wide weft insertion. By improving the internal structure of the water pump and the design of the pump cam, the weft inlet jet flow has been improved and stable weaving of wide fabrics has been achieved.
Shedding mechanism The crank shedding system can be used to weave plain fabrics. Cam shedding system for weaving plain, twill and satin fabrics. Dobby shedding system for weaving small pattern fabrics. Three different opening mechanisms enrich the weaving varieties of water-jet looms and expand the variety adaptability of water-jet looms.
Warp let-off mechanism MLO mechanical let-off uses continuous fully automatic positive warp feed and a stepless transmission that can operate in both directions, reducing the occurrence of parking stalls. ELO electronic let-off adopts AC servo motor to control the let-off, ensuring that the warp tension remains constant when the warp is sent out, preventing the occurrence of parking stalls and improving fabric quality.
Winding mechanism The fabric passes from the cloth fell through the temple support, suction pipe, cloth guide roller and winding friction roller, cloth pressing roller to winding roller. A positive continuous indirect winding mechanism is adopted, which can drop the fabric without stopping the machine. The weft density change of the fabric is realized by exchanging the weft density conversion gear bundle.
The beat-up mechanism adopts crank-type four-links on both sides and a multi-reed foot type beat-up in the middle. It has strong beat-up force and small impact vibration, and can adapt to the high-speed operation of the loom.
There are two types of length measurement storage devices: mechanical and electronic.
Mechanical type is mainly used in various single-jet looms, using air flow storage and yarn feeding methods to reduce tension and damage rate. There are two electronic types: electronic single spray and electronic double spray. Electronic double spray can realize free selection of two kinds of weft yarns and can weave a variety of products.
The selvedge and waste selvage processing mechanism adopts a new planetary gear-type selvedge device, which can make the edge yarn tension even and achieve a solid hem texture without slack.
Scissor device adopts mechanical scissors, which can reliably cut from fine to coarse yarns.
The electrical system adopts microcomputer control and is equipped with a weft detection circuit and a braking circuit. The system has a high degree of automation and stable and reliable operation.



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