P type projectile shuttle machine

P type projectile machine The P7300 projectile loom is a projectile loom produced by Swiss SULTEX Fabric Machinery Co., Ltd. (formerly Sulzer Company). Suitable weaving varieties: …

P type projectile machine

The P7300 projectile loom is a projectile loom produced by Swiss SULTEX Fabric Machinery Co., Ltd. (formerly Sulzer Company).
Suitable weaving varieties: can weave various natural fibers (such as cotton, wool, silk, linen) and various man-made fibers and synthetic fibers. It can weave light and heavy fabrics in the range of 20-800g/m, and is suitable for various types of fabrics such as woolen woolen cloth, worsted woolen cloth, linen, silk, cotton chemical fiber and other fabrics.
The main structural features of the machine:
(1) It adopts solid cast iron (steel) structural wall panels, and the middle beams are firmly connected by screws.
(2) The main motor of the transmission system drives the main shaft of the loom through the main transmission clutch, which optimizes the braking performance of the loom and reduces the braking dynamic load of the loom by up to 30%.
(3) The shuttle picking mechanism adopts a torsion shaft picking mechanism to promote the shuttle flight, optimizing the acceleration angle of the shuttle lever and the leisure curve of the shuttle cam, further improving the mechanical efficiency and making the shuttle hook leisurely and harmonious. Smooth, the stress on each component of the shuttle mechanism is reduced. The entire mechanism adopts a timed cycle lubrication system, and a timed cycle blowing and cleaning system is installed on the shuttle side.
(4) The relaxation of the beat-up mechanism is completed by the beat-up conjugate cam that vibrates the reed seat. More conjugate cam boxes are configured according to different effective widths.
(5) The shedding mechanism is divided into positive cam shedding mechanism, rotary positive dobby machine and high-speed edge jacquard machine, etc.
(6) The let-off mechanism of the projectile loom can be divided into mechanical let-off and electronic let-off according to the power source of the let-off.
(7) According to the different coiling operations, it can be divided into: mechanical coiling device and electronic coiling device.
(8) Equipped with automatic weft searching and slow speed transmission devices.
(9) The lubrication system adopts a central centralized lubrication device, and additional separate lubrication devices for the hook opener and projectile hook.
(10) The electrical control system has the following characteristics:
①With horizontal cross function support;
②Automatic positive weft yarn controller;
③Automatic optimization of projectile shuttle making function;
④ The data statistics function has been expanded;
⑤ It has high maneuverability and sensitivity to meet the requirements of optimizing the weaving process.
(11) The microcomputer terminal adopts a touch screen graphic display terminal, which has a human-machine dialogue interface and is easy to input process parameters. Can clearly display instructions and instructions, and has the function of “help” guidance. It is equipped with a fabric control system and data exchange memory card inside;
(12) The P7300 projectile loom uses an electronically controlled stepper motor to drive its braking device. Both braking devices can be programmed to precisely control the amount of braking force they produce.



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