Maintenance and management of stop plates

Maintenance and management of stop tablets 1. Maintenance of the warp stop discs (1) When the machine is shut down, the warp stop discs must be properly transported into the heald …

Maintenance and management of stop tablets

1. Maintenance of the warp stop discs
(1) When the machine is shut down, the warp stop discs must be properly transported into the heald disc room, and a dedicated person is responsible for maintenance.
(2) After the machine is installed, each pair of warp stop pieces must be cleaned, the pattern and dirt are removed, the bent pieces are corrected, the bad pieces are removed, and then the same new and old good warp stop pieces are replaced.
(3) The stopped films must be used in sets, and old and new ones cannot be mixed.
(4) When using the new stop sheet, mark the stop strip with the date and specification so that it can be used in batches.
(5) The stop sheet cannot be placed in a humid place. The stop sheet and strips cannot be mopped on the ground. The stop sheets that are not used temporarily should be sprinkled with talc powder and stored in a dry place after packaging.
(6) The warp stop pieces used for turnover should be worn in the warp stop strips, and iron rings should be buckled at both ends of the warp stop strips and placed flat on the shelf.
(7) The damaged parts and treatment methods of discontinued tablets are shown in Table 9-7.

2. Management of discontinued products
(1) Incoming factory inspection
Adopt the method of random inspection or piece-by-piece inspection to conduct the following inspections. When it is found that the standards are not met, the discontinued products that do not meet the standards should be The piece must be returned to the manufacturer for repair and re-inspection.
(1) The boxed stop sheets should be packed in cartons according to thickness and size. Each box is about 2,000 pieces. The packaging should be tight, dry, and equipped with moisture-proof materials. The outer packaging should be strong and reliable to avoid damage during transportation. The outer and inner packaging should be marked with specifications, model, manufacturer’s name or trademark, and the year, month and day of manufacture, and there should be a product certificate inside the box.
(2) Conduct a quality review of the stop sheet according to the variety, specification and quantity indicated on the packaging box, and check the quantity. The content and method of the review are as follows:
① Use a vernier caliper to check the length and width of the stop sheet , thickness, yarn threading eyes, grooves and other dimensions are in compliance with the standards.
② Check whether the surface finish, coating quality and yarn threading eye of the stop piece meet the requirements.
③Check the elasticity of the menstrual stop tablet. Bend the stop sheet into a U shape and see if it can return to its original shape immediately after releasing it.
④Check the hardness. Generally based on experience, break the warp stop piece by hand, then check whether the break marks are normal, and observe the state of the steel particles in the cross section. The finer steel is better. Of course, a hardness tester can also be used for testing.
(2) Warehouse Management
(1) After the film is stopped and stored in the warehouse, it should be placed in a ventilated and dry place.
(2) Stop films of different varieties and specifications should be placed in categories to avoid confusion.
(3) When distributing for use, the first to be put into storage should be shipped first to avoid being stored for too long.
(4) Conduct regular inspections to prevent corrosion damage.
(3) Operation management
(1) The warp stop piece is transported back to the design workshop with the empty weaving shaft, and must be properly handled to avoid crushing and artificial damage.
(2) Every time you get off the machine, you must check the matching and damage of the stop plate, and perform cleaning and post-processing. When abnormal wear is found, you should immediately self-examine the cause and make corrections.
(3) Warp stop sheets of different specifications and varieties cannot be mixed, and the finished warp stop sheets should be placed flat on the shelf along with the warp stop strips.
(4) Equipped with reasonable turnover. If the turnover volume is too large, it will cause backlog and waste. If the turnover volume is too small, failure to carry out inspection and maintenance according to the cycle will accelerate the damage.



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