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In-depth dialogue with “Master Jingwei” to develop new ideas for creative design of fashion fabrics

In the increasingly fierce market competition, improving corporate competitiveness with innovative design and reconstructing advantages with differentiated products have become imp…

In the increasingly fierce market competition, improving corporate competitiveness with innovative design and reconstructing advantages with differentiated products have become important directions for fabric companies to seek development. Recently, three “jingwei masters” – Yu Changsheng, the founder of the Fourys Laboratory brand, Lu Yue, a professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and Miriam Nomura, the founder of the NOMURA MIRAI brand – visited Shaoxing Mishun Textile Co., Ltd. and Shaoxing Jinmeng Technology Co., Ltd. in Keqiao Excellent fabric company, conduct in-depth exchanges around the creative design and product development of women’s clothing fabrics.

This is one of the “Keqiao Daily Fashion – Fashion Exchange Activities”, which aims to help enterprises improve their product development and innovation capabilities, enhance their comprehensive market competitiveness, and promote the high-quality development of Keqiao’s fashion and creative industry. The exchange meeting was hosted by the Textile City Construction Management Committee, China Textile Information Center, and China Women’s Clothing Fabric Trend Research Institute.

Colliding design inspiration to expand R&D ideas

Different from the traditional matchmaking format, the event organizer specially arranged for “Master Jingwei” to visit the company on the spot, allowing designers to experience the company’s powerful products in person Strength and strong innovative atmosphere. In the “Mishun Textile” exhibition hall, fabric products are displayed in an orderly manner, with various styles, colors and styles in line with fashion trends, exquisite craftsmanship, and full sense of design, which aroused strong interest among designers.

“Fabric is an essential part of design. In addition to physical feelings and needs such as comfort and functionality, more and more designers are projecting the brand’s artistic concepts onto fabrics. Through When I entered the enterprise during this event, I saw the diversified demands in today’s fabric market and the enterprise’s experimental exploration of fabrics, which fully inspired my design inspiration,” Lu Yue said.

“Mishun Textile’s products focus on acetic acid materials. The products have strong integrity. They are also blended with other raw materials such as cotton, linen, silk and wool, and combined with printing, jacquard, embroidery and other processes, which greatly increases the product’s quality. Richness and optionality.” Nomura Miriam pointed out that some acetic acid products will be considered in the product development of the new season, and they will keep in touch with the company and carefully select fabrics at a later date.

After the visit, Yu Changsheng was also deeply touched. He said that “Mishun Textile” has always insisted on developing new fabrics, which not only allowed him to see the strength of domestic fabric companies, but also made him feel the influence of Keqiao Textile The original intention and ingenuity that the company has maintained despite the huge changes in the entire textile and apparel industry.

In order to deepen the mutual understanding between enterprises and designers, three “Jingwei Masters” combined their many years of experience in the clothing industry and practical experience in establishing brands, and shared their understanding of fabrics from the perspective of clothing design. The forward-looking insights of design provide enterprises with novel product development ideas.

Gathering fashion consensus and laying the foundation for cooperation

“Jinmeng Technology” focuses on the research, development, production and sales of natural and sustainable fashion fabrics, with acetic acid, rayon, Tencel, Silk is the main product. “The excellent products and quality services provided by ‘Jinmeng Technology’ have allowed me to see the infinite possibilities of future cooperation. These new printed fabrics can allow me to release more creativity.” Yu Changsheng emphasized that during the visit, through discussions with the company Communicate about the problems existing in the cooperation between fabric manufacturers and designers, gain an in-depth understanding of each other’s pain points and needs, resonate at the same frequency, and reach a tacit consensus.

Nomura Mirai said that the products of “Jinmeng Technology” are mainly based on acetic acid, with rich post-processing processes such as printing, embroidery, jacquard, and burning. She was especially impressed by the burning process products. , we will continue to pay attention in the future and discuss fabric technology with enterprises.

“Through efficient communication with the ‘Jingwei Master’ on site, we experienced the collision of ideas, which promoted our thinking on fabric product development and new marketing methods. The three designers shared their views from their respective areas of expertise. They provided their unique views on design and helped us obtain diversified customer perspectives and needs.” Qin Jian, general manager of the company, pointed out that this event provided guidance for the development direction of fabric companies and looked forward to the organizers of the event holding more similar events. The activity allows Keqiao Fabric Enterprises to establish close ties with more clothing brands, and use the insights of the “Jingwei Master” to radiate the innovative design capabilities of Keqiao Fabric Enterprises.

This special exchange event takes product innovation design as the fulcrum, strengthens the close connection between fabric companies and market demand, promotes interactive communication and collaborative innovation upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and provides Keqiao enterprises with High creativity and high quality development bring new ideas.


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