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Large-scale planting and mechanized farming – one observation on spring sowing of cotton in Xinjiang

Blooming cotton breeds beauty. Entering April, as the temperature continues to rise, Xinjiang cotton is entering its peak sowing period. In the vast cotton fields from south to nor…

Blooming cotton breeds beauty. Entering April, as the temperature continues to rise, Xinjiang cotton is entering its peak sowing period. In the vast cotton fields from south to north, machines roared, and modern large-scale agricultural machinery shuttled sowing seeds. The mechanized operation scene was spectacular.

In recent years, Xinjiang has continuously improved the modernization, intelligence, and informatization level of agricultural machinery operations, and the application of many high-tech technologies is boosting the high-quality development of Xinjiang’s cotton industry. Data show that the level of agricultural mechanization in Xinjiang is improving year by year, and the comprehensive mechanization level of cotton farming and harvesting is above 80%.

Large-scale mechanization is the mainstream

On the 11th, in the cotton fields of Shuangquan Agricultural Professional Cooperative in Shaofangzhuangzi Village, Daquan Township, Shawan City, a Beidou navigation automatic driving system was installed The seeder is sowing cotton. Several members of the commune are following the cotton seeder closely, checking the conditions of furrowing, planting, spreading film, and covering soil ridge by ridge.

As the largest cotton planting area in northern Xinjiang, 1.745 million acres of machine-picked cotton in Shawan City have gradually entered the sowing period. Sowing is expected to be completed by the end of April. It takes less than a month to complete such a large-scale sowing work, which is inseparable from mechanized production methods.

The Shuangquan Agricultural Professional Cooperative, established in 2013, has integrated the land of Daquan Township, Jingouhe Town and Boltongu Ranch in Shawan City, as well as a company of the Corps through land transfer.

“Currently, our cooperative has transferred 48,600 acres of land. Through the reconstruction of scattered land with ridges, leveling and drip irrigation, we have built high-standard farmland, all of which have achieved mechanized planting and intensive management.” Director of Shuangquan Agricultural Professional Cooperative Chang He Hongtao said proudly.

This year, Shawan City vigorously promotes the 4.4-meter ultra-wide mulching film and one mulch and twelve rows machine harvesting cultivation model. He Hongtao, who had tasted the benefits last year, will continue to use the new cultivation model this year and expand the planting area.

“Intensive and large-scale planting give us the foundation and conditions to constantly try new cultivation models to improve the yield and quality of cotton.” He Hongtao said that last year they used the new cultivation model to increase the yield per mu. Increase income by about 300 yuan.

As early as 2014, the mechanization rate of cotton sowing in Shawan reached 100%. Last year, the mechanization rate of the entire cotton production process reached 100%. “Only large-scale planting can create conditions for the promotion of advanced technologies. At present, Shawan cotton has achieved large-scale planting, mechanized farming, and intensive management.” Gao Yongjian, an extension researcher at the Shawan Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau, said.

Looking across the north and south of the Tianshan Mountains, large-scale, mechanized and intensive cotton planting has become the mainstream.

More than 90% of the cultivated land in Yuli County is used to grow cotton, with a mechanization rate of 96.7%; Shaya County has planted 1.85 million acres of cotton this year, with a mechanization rate of over 93%…

It is understood that in 2021, Xinjiang’s cotton precision sowing coverage rate will reach 88%, the implementation rate of technologies such as chemical topping and unified pest and disease control will reach 85%, and the mechanized cotton harvest rate will exceed 80% for the first time. The comprehensive improvement of output, quality and efficiency has brought Xinjiang’s cotton cultivation to the world’s advanced level.

Wisdom “artifacts” can be seen everywhere

Walking in the north and south of the Tianshan Mountains, planters in the vast cotton fields are drawing healing “geometric diagrams” one after another. What does it take to draw such a flat and neat cotton field?

“In the past, we all sow seeds manually, and the broadcast was uneven. Under the guidance of the Beidou navigation system, the seeder is like having eyes. It can drive automatically according to the set route and complete the paving in one go. Films, drip irrigation tapes, sowing, soil covering and other operations have improved the land utilization rate, and the neat cotton fields look particularly comfortable.” On April 7, in the farmland of Kudelike Village, Bosten Lake Township, Bohu County, a large cotton grower Chen Yukao is using the new Beidou navigation automatic driving system seeder to sow his 2,800 acres of cotton field.

The Beidou navigation system can operate 24 hours a day. This system can not only improve the locomotive’s operating area and accuracy of operations, but also maintain the accuracy of rows and rows with an error within 2.5 centimeters within 1,000 meters. While improving land use efficiency, it can also ensure that each plant is evenly distributed, which is conducive to mechanized harvesting.

Bohu County guides cotton farmers to follow the path of scientific planting, integrating cotton’s Beidou navigation seeding technology, chemical topping technology, and mechanized harvesting technology into cotton production, achieving nearly 80% full mechanization .

Using the Beidou navigation system to sow seeds is nothing new in Xinjiang’s cotton fields.

“It used to take 6 days to sow 500 acres of land. Now with the Beidou navigation system, it only takes 3 days to complete the sowing, film laying, drip irrigation belt laying and other tasks at once, and the subsequent management and harvesting It’s also very convenient. In the past, manual spraying had to be carried out in the field with a pipe, but now drone spraying saves time and effort.” said Shao Lei, a major cotton grower at the farm in Tuanjie Village, Baghawati Township, Yarkand County.

The mechanization application rate of the 7.5 million acres of cotton in the Aksu region has reached 98%. The locally installed Bochuang linked automatic driving system has covered the entire process of cotton cultivation, planting, management and harvesting, with precise operation, high efficiency and economy. cost, create production and increase income, allowing cotton farmers to make money easily by relying on intelligent “artifacts”.

“Made in Xinjiang” agricultural machinery continues to grow

On April 12, in the cotton field of Yangtakbashi Village, Tarim Township, Shaya County, Ma Pengcheng, who was sowing seeds, sighed: “This machine After using it for several years, it is still very effective and a good partner.”

In 2018, Ma Pengcheng purchased 2 seeders from Shayabo Shiran Intelligent Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. “This seeder can complete sowing, film laying, drip irrigation tape laying and other tasks at one time, especially��Convenience. “Ma Pengcheng said.

In the production workshop of Shayabo Shiran Intelligent Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd., workers are busy assembling high-end intelligent three-row cotton picking machines and cotton picking and packaging integrated machines. When the cotton picking season comes, these machines It will show its talents in the cotton fields.

“From the end of February to now, we have produced more than 100 planters, cotton pickers and balers, and the output has doubled compared with the same period last year. “Wu Yongcheng, senior manager of the Human Resources and Administration Department of Shayabo Shiran Intelligent Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd., said that the company has received orders for more than 200 units.

At present, Shayabo Shiran Intelligent Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. has developed into a collective A large-scale agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprise that integrates technology research and development innovation, production and processing manufacturing, product sales and after-sales service. When it was put into operation in 2018, its output value was 80 million yuan. Last year, its total output value reached 460 million yuan. The company has been contributing to the high-quality development of Xinjiang’s cotton industry. Contributing.

“We are currently developing a special cotton picking machine suitable for long-staple cotton, and it is expected to be put into production in August this year. “Wu Yongcheng said.

In 2021, the total amount of agricultural machinery equipment in Xinjiang will continue to grow, the quality of agricultural machinery operations will be significantly improved, and agricultural mechanization service capabilities will be significantly strengthened. Railway Construction Heavy Industry Xinjiang Company, Xinjiang Bo Shiran Intelligent Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. , Xinjiang Swan Modern Agricultural Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. and other enterprises have developed and produced three-row and six-row baling cotton picking machines to fill the domestic gap. Modern agricultural machinery equipment industry bases centered on Urumqi, Shihezi, Korla, and Aksu have been initially formed.


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