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Sichuan Lezhi: Create a “whole chain” of sericulture industry

In recent years, Lezhi County, Ziyang City, Sichuan Province has increased investment in science and technology, continued innovation and development, and made every effort to prom…

In recent years, Lezhi County, Ziyang City, Sichuan Province has increased investment in science and technology, continued innovation and development, and made every effort to promote the comprehensive utilization of mulberry resources, promote the development of the entire mulberry industry chain, and promote the sericulture industry to scale, diversification, high quality, and efficient modern sericulture. Industrial Development.

With the promotion of a series of measures, how is the extension of the sericulture industry chain and the development of new products? What is the progress of the implementation of the sericulture technology project? In the past few days, reporters have entered the company, looked at projects, asked about the industry, and visited the innovation and development results of Lezhi’s sericulture industry.

At Sichuan Diplomat Liquor Co., Ltd., the reporter saw a busy production workshop, where workers were busy processing and making mulberry leaf tea. Screening, packaging, warehousing… combined with professional equipment, the company achieves scientific control of the entire process from planting and picking to product processing.

“After discovering the nutritional value of mulberries, we developed and launched mulberry wine, which opened up a new market.” The relevant person in charge of the company excitedly told reporters Shared a good news: Not long ago, with the support of Lezhi County Economic, Science, Technology and Information Bureau and other departments, the company extended the industrial chain and increased the added value of products through scientific and technological innovation, and launched new products such as mulberry leaf tea and mulberry fruit. This will further promote the accelerated development of Lezhi County’s sericulture industry development system.

Walking into the production workshop of Sichuan Tongshida Biotechnology Co., Ltd., the chlorophyll copper sodium salt production equipment is running intensively.

“In 2004, we discovered that chlorophyll could be extracted from mulberry leaves and synthesized chlorophyll copper sodium salt and other pharmaceutical raw materials. We invested tens of millions of yuan to build 8 production lines. .” According to the relevant person in charge of the company, in 2017, the company sold more than two tons of chlorophyll copper sodium salt to Australia every month on average. Calculated at 800,000 yuan per ton, the monthly sales of chlorophyll copper sodium salt alone are close to 2 million yuan. At present, the company’s food, medicine, cosmetics and other products have been exported to more than 20 countries and regions.

Not just these companies. Recently, Lezhi County, while introducing and cultivating leading enterprises, has also continuously guided enterprises to optimize their industrial layout and gradually improve the industrial chain.

It is understood that Lezhi County encourages nine enterprises including Hongqi Silk and Derenyuan Agriculture to extend the development of upstream industries such as sericulture planting and rough processing. Six industrial enterprises, including Tongsida Biotechnology and Merson Pharmaceuticals, have developed mid- to high-end downstream industries in the sericulture industry chain and promoted the formation of “mulberry-silkworm-cocoon-silk-silk-clothing” and “silkworm excrement-paste chlorophyll-chlorophyll copper”. There are more than 10 industrial chains such as sodium salt-phytool-sitosterol-nojirimycin-tail feed”. At present, the county has 9 national science and technology small and medium-sized enterprises, 2 national high-tech enterprises, 4 large-scale enterprises, and 1 provincial-level and municipal-level scientific and technological achievements transfer and transformation enterprises involved in sericulture products, achieving an industrial output value of 1.03 billion yuan.

Nowadays, Lezhi has grown from mulberry farming, silkworm rearing, silk weaving, to mulberry wine, mulberry leaf tea, chlorophyll extraction, to mulberry cultural tours. It already has a complete sericulture industry development system. </p

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