Aramid industrial scale is 1,000 tons

Aramid industrial scale is 1,000 tons AramidIndustrial scale of 1,000 tons After a year and a half of continuous hard work, the 1,000-ton-per-year para-aramid industrialization pro…

Aramid industrial scale is 1,000 tons

AramidIndustrial scale of 1,000 tons

After a year and a half of continuous hard work, the 1,000-ton-per-year para-aramid industrialization project was successfully put into production at Yantai Spandex Co., Ltd., the largest high-performance fiber production base in China, and has been running stably for two weeks. On June 15, industrialized products were officially launched, and the first batch of 500 kilograms of 3000D para-aramid filament was shipped to the Zhejiang market. This marks another big step forward for the localization of aramid fiber in my country.

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The 1,000 tons/year para-aramid fiber industrialization project is an investment project raised by Yantai Spandex Co., Ltd.’s initial public offering of shares. The project started construction in October 2009. The main project was completed at the end of 2010 and equipment installation began in early 2011. Since March 2011, various processes such as public works, solvent recovery, and sewage treatment have been started one after another. On May 30, the first full roll of para-aramid fiber was successfully produced, and the entire industrialization project was successfully commissioned. At present, the para-aramid production line is running normally, and after testing, the product’s performance indicators are significantly better than the pilot product.

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The successful commissioning of the thousand-ton para-aramid industrialization project has made Yantai Spandex Co., Ltd. the only high-tech chemical fiber enterprise in China capable of large-scale production of meta-aramid and para-aramid series products, and has become China’s largest The aramid fiber industry base plays an important role in meeting the urgent needs for high-performance fiber materials in my country’s science and technology, safety, transportation, communications and other fields, and plays an important role in revitalizing my country’s national industry.

Para-aramid is a high-tech fiber material with golden color, high strength, high modulus, flame retardant, high temperature resistance, electrical insulation and other excellent properties. Together with carbon fiber and high strength and high modulus polyethylene fiber, it is known as the world’s three largest high-performance fibers. fiber. The United States and Japan basically monopolize the global para-aramid market. Due to its special uses in military, technology and other fields, para-aramid fiber has always been listed as an important strategic material. Its production technology is strictly blocked and trade is strictly controlled.

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Our country has invested a lot of manpower and material resources in the research and development of aramid technology since the 1970s, but the key engineering technology has never achieved a breakthrough. Domestic demand for para-aramid is completely dependent on imports and is seriously restricted by others. The long-term shortage of para-aramid fiber supply has, to a large extent, restricted technological progress and industrial upgrading in related fields in my country.

In 2004, Yantai Spandex started pilot technology research on para-aramid filament and pulp. In 2007, it built a 100-ton pilot line, breaking through the core key technologies of para-aramid and forming independent intellectual property rights. The company launched a 1,000-ton/year para-aramid fiber engineering project in 2008 and received strong support from the national “863” program and the high-performance fiber composite materials special program.

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