China garment – garment brands, garment information, garment media Garment News Standing on the trend of “Great Wisdom Moves Clouds”, how does Zhuzhou Clothing tailor its “clothes”?

Standing on the trend of “Great Wisdom Moves Clouds”, how does Zhuzhou Clothing tailor its “clothes”?

Have you heard of “Great Wisdom Moves Clouds”? This is a strategic emerging industry in Hunan Province. It integrates big data, artificial intelligence, mobile Internet…

Have you heard of “Great Wisdom Moves Clouds”? This is a strategic emerging industry in Hunan Province. It integrates big data, artificial intelligence, mobile Internet, Internet of Things, and cloud computing to form a closed-loop technology chain and industrial chain. At the beginning of this year, the two sessions of Hunan Province made it clear that they would accelerate the cultivation of “big wisdom moving to the cloud” and create new advantages in the digital economy.

The concept is lofty, but it actually affects our “food, clothing, housing and transportation”. In 2021, Zhuzhou’s apparel industry will break through the 100 billion mark, with the help of “Great Wisdom Moving Cloud”.

Live streaming is not only “bringing goods” but also “leading the way”

Lusong District is the main host of Zhuzhou’s apparel industry. After 40 years of development, it has gathered more than 2,000 enterprises in the chain There are more than 17,000 individual industrial and commercial households, employing more than 200,000 people.

On January 26, on the 3rd floor of Tianze Huali Market in the Lusong Market Group, Jiang Ziping (Taobao Live ID: My name is Sun Sister) put her mobile phone on a tripod early in the morning and shot 80,000 through the lens. Many fans share outfit matching. In just one morning, she changed dozens of outfits, and her sales reached more than 80,000 yuan.

From physical stores to live streaming is not Jiang Ziping’s “unique approach”. As the gathering place of Zhuzhou’s apparel industry, stalls engaged in live streaming of goods can be found everywhere in the 38 professional apparel markets in Lusong District.

At present, Lusong District has gathered more than 1,400 e-commerce companies, with more than 20,000 anchors. Each business owner has shown their magic in live broadcasting to bring goods. Last year, sales reached 3.66 billion yuan. “Live streaming retail sells goods to more and further places, and also promotes the coordinated development of online and offline markets.” Feng Junying, marketing manager of Tianze Real Estate, commented on the benefits brought by live streaming.

On the clothing production line, workers do not need to move, and processes such as cutting and sewing are all managed digitally. This technological scene appeared in the Erlanghuxuan production workshop in Baiguan International Clothing Industrial Park, Lusong District. The five intelligent processing production lines in Erlanghuxuan can produce more than 3,000 pairs of pants per day. If each group produces 500 pairs per day, this is double the original manual production.

In recent years, Lusong District has made a lot of explorations in intelligent transformation and achieved good results. For example, enterprises in the Baiguan Garment Industrial Park are guided to speed up intelligent and numerical control transformation. Garment enterprises such as Erlanghuxuan have introduced 10 intelligent production lines to further improve production efficiency, and some enterprises have also moved live broadcasts to production The workshop realizes flexible production and “quick response for small orders”.

Digital transformation “not one less”

The road to intelligent transformation of Zhuzhou clothing manufacturing does not stop there.

In Ouwei Clothing, you only need a mobile phone screen to query the business data of more than 200 stores across the country in real time. Ouwei’s smart factory that is about to be put into production is also the largest and most cutting-edge smart factory in Central and South China. Chemical women’s clothing factory. The factory has intelligent robots and CNC production lines, from production to logistics, with intelligent production and management in all aspects. It can be said that intelligent upgrading is the only way for Zhuzhou’s apparel industry to stay young forever.

There are many small, medium and micro garment enterprises, which will inevitably lead to uneven distribution of enterprises. Whether digital manufacturing can be widely promoted in small, medium and micro garment enterprises determines the success or failure of the transformation and upgrading of the garment industry.

However, for small, medium and micro enterprises, their scale, resources, etc. are difficult to support independently coping with and completing digital transformation. This is also a current difficulty for the entire industry. Lusong District has thought of many ways to realize that “no one can be missing” on the road of “moving great wisdom to the cloud”.

Wang Qiang, Deputy Secretary of the Lusong District Party Committee and District Mayor, introduced that in 2019, Lusong District issued the “Lusong District Support Policy for Promoting the Development of the Apparel Industry”, which stipulates that newly purchased smart equipment by regulated apparel companies, single units If the unit price of the equipment is more than 300,000 yuan (excluding tax), or the total price is more than 1 million yuan (excluding tax), special financial support will be provided at 1% of the total purchase invoice price (excluding tax). At the same time, the government will provide one-time special financial support of 100,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan respectively to the national and provincial intelligent manufacturing demonstration enterprises.

Secondly, group bidding reduces the cost of purchasing smart equipment. Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with a well-known domestic industrial sewing machinery and equipment manufacturer to help apparel companies form groups to purchase intelligent production equipment at low cost, reducing the average procurement cost by more than 10%. Many companies such as Xinsubai and Hudaobao responded actively and completed the intelligent production Production line upgrades.

There are supporting funds and equipment, and concepts must keep pace with the times.

Lusong District regularly organizes key enterprise leaders to visit first-line brand enterprises or smart factories in advanced areas such as Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Changshu, etc. to inspect and learn equipment, management, processes, concepts, etc. related to smart production, and to continuously improve The vision and ability of local entrepreneurs in intelligent transformation have allowed small, medium and micro enterprises to see that through the digital transformation of production equipment, although costs will rise in the short term, in the long term, costs can be reduced by increasing production efficiency and improving process quality. Improve efficiency.

From low-cost to high-end to create a nationally renowned brand

In 2021, the scale of Zhuzhou’s apparel industry will successfully cross the 100 billion mark and achieve the 100 billion industry goal. After 100 billion, there will be greater opportunities and challenges. Can the proposal and application of “Great Wisdom Move the Cloud” help the high-quality development of Zhuzhou’s garment industry, moving from low-cost to high-end?

Wang Qiang told reporters that next, Lusong District will grasp the new trend of the integration and development of new technologies and traditional industries of “big wisdom moves to the cloud” and strive to create…The country’s first-class apparel industry cluster strives to support the city’s apparel industry scale to reach 150 billion yuan by 2025.

Wang Qiang focused on the “three changes”. First, transform “scale advantage” into “brand advantage”. Relying on resources such as China Textile Federation and leveraging “Great Wisdom Moving Cloud” to strengthen brand cultivation and promotion, we strive to build local original brands such as Huxuan and Subai into nationally renowned brands.

Secondly, transform the “second batch of markets” into the “first batch of markets.” On the one hand, we will improve our original design capabilities and vigorously implement the “100 Original Designers Introduction and Training Project” to cultivate a group of fashion design talents. On the other hand, using intelligent manufacturing as the starting point, we will guide apparel manufacturing companies to gather in Baiguan Garment Industrial Park and encourage companies to accelerate the intelligent transformation of production.

In addition, transform “offline sales” into “dual-line sales”. Accelerate cooperation with the Zhejiang Tsinghua Yangtze River Delta Research Institute to build an industrial Internet platform to promote the integrated development of the digital economy and the apparel industry. In-depth docking with the Hunan Pilot Free Trade Zone, with the help of foreign trade platforms and channels such as the China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo and Hunan-Guangdong-Africa sea-rail combined transport, we will vigorously develop market procurement and cross-border e-commerce, and promote enterprises to “go to sea in groups” and “borrow ships to go to sea.”


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