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Suncun Town, Anhui: Take the smart express train to improve the quality and efficiency of clothing

Female workers of Liren Garment Co., Ltd. are packing 1.08 million cultural shirts to be sent to the United States. Kappa sportswear produced by Xinliyuan Garment Co., Ltd. is bein…

Female workers of Liren Garment Co., Ltd. are packing 1.08 million cultural shirts to be sent to the United States. Kappa sportswear produced by Xinliyuan Garment Co., Ltd. is being loaded into trucks and sent to Germany. Zeqian Garment Group has purchased three more “sewing machines”. “Dekuai Automation” intelligent equipment was put into use…

In late November, large and small textile and garment factories in Suncun Park, Fanchang District, Wuhu City, Anhui Province The drama is continuous. When Suncun Fashion Creative Town’s live broadcast room sells goods live every day, and uses online operations on Taobao, Tmall,, Pinduoduo, Douyin, Kuaishou and other platforms to incubate the transformation and upgrading of traditional clothing enterprises, industry insiders generally praise it : “Suncun takes the smart network express train to increase the quality and efficiency of clothing.”

From January to October this year, there were 17,000 workers in the town walking around. Online foreign exchange is busy. The town’s textile and garment industry (enterprises above designated size) achieved a total output value of 1.43 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 4.4%. Fanchang District’s 2020 policy awards and subsidies for promoting new industrialization and Suncun Town’s textile and garment industry received 2.2763 million yuan.

“We mainly produce Kappa and export it to Europe. Under the influence of the epidemic, orders from some factories in Southeast Asia have been transferred to China. Previous large orders It was a few thousand pieces, but now it has grown to tens of thousands, especially with many orders from the United States.” said Chen Min, chairman of Xinliyuan Garment Co., Ltd.

“Our company mainly produces children’s clothing, with an annual output value of about 30 million, mainly exported to Australia. We currently have 160 employees, and workers are paid piece-rate, with the highest The monthly salary has exceeded 15,000 yuan.” said Wang Liangxi, general manager of Jinmao Clothing Co., Ltd.

“There are inheritances, breakthroughs, and new perspectives.” In Suncun Town, the intelligent production and hanging system clothing production lines introduced by the above-mentioned clothing enterprises are all in Production at full capacity. In the garment workshop, workers are working methodically on the intelligent hanging assembly line. The cut fabrics are sent to the hanging rail system above the workers’ heads. They are like riding a roller coaster, constantly flowing in the air to the next process. After several moves, a brand new garment is released.

“The intelligent production hanging system is 50% more efficient than the original traditional production method. In the past, it took half an hour for the company to process an order from pattern making to delivery. It took months, and now it only takes three to five days to complete, and the output and quality of clothing have been significantly improved.” said Yu Chuanhua, head of Anhui Zeqian Clothing Group Co., Ltd.

As one of the representatives of traditional manufacturing industries, the garment industry has always been restricted by issues such as recruitment, cost and efficiency. With the continuous advancement of digital technology in clothing production, the use of automated equipment for flow operations will effectively solve the development problems of the clothing industry and help improve the overall efficiency of the clothing industry. In the past two years, regulated garment enterprises in Suncun Town have actively invested a large amount of money in digital transformation and upgrading of their factories, making their garment production more intelligent and their efficiency accelerating.

Yang Bilin, deputy secretary-general of Suncun Chamber of Commerce in Fanchang District and chairman of Fanchang County Xinghui Knitting Co., Ltd., said that the put into use of these complete systems has greatly improved the It has improved the intelligence level of Suncun Town’s clothing enterprises, improved the market competitiveness of Suncun Town’s clothing enterprises, and laid a good foundation for further becoming bigger and stronger.

“Our town encourages enterprises to actively carry out independent development of technical equipment, promote automated, digital and networked production, and build an information management system for textile machinery manufacturing , realize real-time online monitoring and adaptive control of production, and lead the industry to the high end. With the automation and intelligent production lines of powerful leading enterprises as pilot projects, we will promote the construction of intelligent manufacturing production lines and digital factories, establish intelligent management systems, integrate supply chains, In the aspects of design, production and sales, we try to combine the ‘cloud factory’ with e-commerce to realize remote formulation, off-site design, collaborative production and other information-based operations, reduce manual dependence, reduce labor intensity and production costs, and improve product quality and production. Efficiency.” Suncun Town leaders introduced that Suncun Town will strengthen the construction of three brands: “regional brand, corporate brand, and clothing brand.”

Continue to build regional brands, continue to do a good job in planning the clothing industry for the next five years (2021-2025), and help draw up the strategy for the Suncun clothing industry; focus on improvement Corporate branding, through establishing benchmarks, establishing models, and conducting pilot projects, will focus on supporting intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing, creative design and other related enterprise transformation projects that target development shortcomings and weak links to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the industry; encourage the creation of Clothing brands, through various channels such as cooperative brand creation, acquisition of well-known domestic and foreign brands, and self-created brands, will increase efforts to cultivate clothing and home textile brands, gather superior resources to expand the market share and popularity of independent brands, and extend to both ends of the industrial smile curve. .

When faced with major opportunities or challenges such as the “One Belt, One Road” initiative, the town proposed to speed up product upgrades and be good at seizing new markets. Accelerate the upgrading of the industrial chain of the textile and garment industry, gradually shift the focus of the industry from the intermediate manufacturing link to the R&D, design and sales links, and accelerate the advancement of products to the mid-to-high-end level; make full use of many countries along the “One Belt and One Road”, especially Southeast Asia, South Asia, The potential huge demand and purchasing power of developing countries in Eastern Europe and North Africa promote the diversified development of the textile and apparel export market.� Actively explore the domestic market and develop military uniforms, police uniforms, school uniforms, work clothes, etc. to meet the needs of different groups, thereby creating new growth points and gradually getting rid of dependence on foreign trade.

As we all know, Suncun’s textile and garment industry has three advantages in terms of resources: first, garment enterprise OEM resources, second, industrial technology advantages, and third It is a relatively complete industrial chain. Some enterprises, such as Huayang Garment Group, are influential in the textile industry in the province and even the country, and are developing well. Suncun currently presents a “small but beautiful” industrial development pattern, with leading enterprises and key enterprises beginning to play a leading and radiating role. But it goes without saying that the town is also facing some unfavorable factors, such as insufficient motivation for entrepreneurship and innovation, unclear development plans, weak brand awareness, etc. All these problems need to be overcome and solved in future exploration and development.

Starlight does not care about travelers. The best way to commemorate history is to create new history. During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, what will the textile and garment industry in Suncun Town do? How to develop? Relevant experts have given a “good prescription”:

Xu Jianhua, deputy director of the Cluster Working Committee of China Textile Federation and vice president of the Circulation Branch: Sun Village Characteristic Small Business The construction of the town should put industry first, focus on serving many surrounding enterprises, and strive to form a cluster effect; it is necessary to seize the opportunity of industrial transfer, focus on cultivating and actively introducing leading enterprises, high-quality projects, etc., to create a golden sign of Anhui clothing and form a “leading The rational and healthy development structure of “enterprises + key enterprises + general enterprises”, in the context of the world undergoing major changes unseen in a century and China building a new development pattern of “dual cycles”, adheres to new development concepts and builds a new development pattern. Continue to promote high-quality development of the textile industry.

Ye Liang, Vice President of China Textile Federation Circulation Branch, Executive President and Secretary-General of Anhui Textile Industry Association: The textile and garment industry in Suncun Town is developing rapidly during the 14th During the fifth period, we should take technology, fashion, and green as the guiding ideology and follow the development path of characteristic town construction. With Huayang Garment Group as the leader, we will drive the high-quality development of the industry and improve the industrial chain. In the construction of characteristic towns, the successful and mature characteristic towns in the Yangtze River Delta region should be used as the benchmark for Sun Village. In the future development process, we must integrate into the Yangtze River Delta, follow Suncun Town’s own characteristic development path, follow the development path of brand, culture, fashion, and design creativity, and build Suncun Town’s characteristic town into a benchmark project in the Yangtze River Delta region.

Yan Liming, former president of the Anhui Textile Industry Association: Suncun should focus on strengthening the introduction and application of high-quality enterprises and advanced technologies, gather strength, and achieve “big-scale” The development pattern of “leading small enterprises, complementing each other and promoting each other”, and at the same time using the resource integration power of industry associations, leads the coordinated development of Suncun’s textile and garment industry. (Suncun Chamber of Commerce, Fanchang District, Wuhu City)


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