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Selected boutique show energizes fabric market in China Textile City

On October 29, the 10th Keqiao Fashion Week 2021·Keqiao Daily Fashion/Fashion Services Enter the Market – “Charming Market, Fashion Selection” China Textile City …

On October 29, the 10th Keqiao Fashion Week 2021·Keqiao Daily Fashion/Fashion Services Enter the Market – “Charming Market, Fashion Selection” China Textile City Fabric Market Boutique Show at the China Textile City Fabric Market The cool appearance of the central square created a dynamic show for the audience to immerse themselves in the charm of fashion, which not only brought an intuitive trend experience but also created an excellent scene to stimulate consumption.

Professional market, gorgeous transformation

China Light Industry Co., Ltd. located in Keqiao, Shaoxing, Zhejiang Textile City United Market mainly deals in high-quality fabrics in multiple application fields such as men’s and women’s fashion, leisure sports, and home textiles. It is a new generation textile professional market that integrates technology, information, humanization, specialization, and modern style. As a four-star civilized and standardized market in Zhejiang Province, the East Market mainly deals in fashion, knitting, linen, lining, cotton and other fabrics. It has a good business environment and a strong fashion atmosphere.

On the day of the event, merchants in the market joined hands with Yuanpei College of Shaoxing University of Arts and Sciences to create a youthful, dynamic and energetic visual feast. From Puxing, Shaoxing Siqian, Silk Color, Shaoxing Shidie, Luoka Cloth Village, Zhenzhan Windsor Textile, Shaoxing Pengfa, Shaoxing Haoshi, Shaoxing Longyi, Mishang Textile, Yunsha Textile, Wansha Textile Nearly 60 high-quality garments from 12 Keqiao fabric companies including Ge Textile were unveiled together. Dynamic displays and high-quality product promotions were conducted around the three major themes of “fashion, technology, and green”. Products such as dresses, windbreaker jackets, down jackets, and casual business shirts were displayed. .

Exquisite promotion, detonating the audience

After the wonderful dynamic display, the merchants Representatives took the stage to give a detailed introduction to fabric performance and clothing design concepts.

In this show, the down jacket brought by Puxing Original uses Puxing fashion checkerboard series fabrics, which is both soft, comfortable and versatile. The molding characteristics, combined with retro checkerboard elements, satisfy consumers’ sensory experience with beautiful colors, showing new fashion and new creativity. Puxing Original mainly deals in down jackets, cotton fabrics, windbreaker outerwear fabrics, and launches different series of fabric products based on fashion trends every year.

The windbreaker jacket brought by Shaoxing Mishang Textile this time is made of cotton brocade fabric, and the original cotton dyeing process has been further upgraded, which not only makes The surface of the fabric is clean and tidy, the texture is clear, and the color is bright. It can also achieve a smooth and delicate feel similar to Tencel. It has a natural sag and excellent anti-wrinkle effect. It is both functional and fashionable. Shaoxing Mishang Textile’s main products are windbreakers, down parkas, and shirts, with comfortable and casual fashion styles as its main line. It specializes in the production of various high-count, densely woven men’s and women’s fashion fabrics, among which cotton and cotton interwoven fabrics are the company’s strengths. .

Shaoxing Yunsha Textile Co., Ltd. was unique in this show and used pleated elements in the clothing to make the fabric classic, full of tension, and malleable. It combines strength, elasticity and line sense, and the pleat arrangement full of texture effect is like a second cut, adding a unique rhythm to the clothing and showing a fashionable charm.

Different from previous fashion shows held in venues, this event was held in the central square of China Textile City, integrating clothing design and fabric characteristics. It was presented to the live audience in an all-round way, attracting a large number of people to stop and watch, take photos and send selfies, forming a word-of-mouth spread in the circle of friends.

The fashion show evolution market conveys cutting-edge design concepts and fashion trends to the public in the most intuitive and up-close way. The innovative form effectively helps merchants Enterprises enhance their awareness of converting trendy products. This activity relies on the fashion product system with rich content, complete levels and outstanding features built by the fabric market of China Textile City to create terminal scenes, expand fashion expression, create a strong fashion atmosphere, and awaken and inspire people’s understanding, recognition and understanding of fashion. Expression promotes the brand’s transformation from “meeting fashion needs” to “leading fashion consumption”.


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