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Based on quality, polish the “Nantong Home Textile” brand!

Home textiles are Nantong’s iconic traditional advantageous industry and a unique business card of the city. The 13th Municipal Party Congress proposed: Support the high-end, intel…

Home textiles are Nantong’s iconic traditional advantageous industry and a unique business card of the city.

The 13th Municipal Party Congress proposed: Support the high-end, intelligent, green and service-oriented transformation of the textile industry to create a world-class advanced textile industry District, amplifying the global influence of the “Nantong Home Textile” brand. At the same time, it was pointed out that the construction of a national model city with strong quality should be deepened.

Compared with the new blueprint, how can Nantong Home Textiles go better, faster and further on the road of transformation? At the 2021 China Home Textile Quality Conference held in Nantong on the 18th, industry experts, home textile cluster representatives and enterprise representatives explored the industry development path and also pointed out the direction for the high-quality development of Nantong home textiles.

The new stage and new demands call for quality improvement

Currently, our country has entered a high-level In the quality development stage, the people have higher expectations for a better life. As terminal consumer goods, home textiles are closely related to a better life. The “China Home Textile Industry Quality Report (2017-2020)” (hereinafter referred to as the “White Paper”) released by the conference shows that the overall spot inspection quality of home textile products has maintained a high level in recent years and has shown a steady upward trend.

“As an important part of home life, home textiles are endowed with more fashion, health, technology and other elements.” Zhu Xiaohong, Vice President of China Home Textile Industry Association, believes , on the basis of the overall improvement of product quality, based on product quality supervision, it is time to improve the quality of the textile industry around new consumption and new needs.

Consumers’ preferences and concerns about products will be the main direction for product promotion and improvement. For example, in the white paper: bedding sets, consumers are mainly concerned about “broken threads, off-line, hard feel, fading and discoloration, itching, static electricity, matching of sets and core quilts”, etc., and they are paying more and more attention to quality details; towel products field , how to use towels healthily and scientifically, as well as the development of antibacterial, anti-odor, super soft and other functional functions have become the focus of the industry, and technological innovation has become an important breakthrough for improving product quality.

With the advancement of the “Carbon Peak Carbon Neutral” plan, green environmental protection has also become a key word for improving the quality of home textiles. “If you fail to meet the environmental certification requirements of relevant countries, you are likely to face problems such as being unable to clear customs and having your products recalled.” Feng Zhaoyan, general manager of TESTEX Swiss Textile Verification Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch, believes that the current home textile industry must focus on building a new green development model. Model can create a new situation in internationalization.

Enterprise entities, improve quality and efficiency, accelerate transformation

Industry quality improvement work involves It covers a wide range of areas, among which enterprises are the main body and the core.

As my country’s reform and opening up deepens and it further integrates with international standards, key enterprises in the industry are constantly improving the supporting systems while doing a good job in ISO9001 and other certification systems. management mechanism. Jiangsu Tanghuang Group has solved the problem of “two skins” between system documents and actual operation documents with the enterprise quality management model of “standard guidance + system first + process escort”. Ni Weiping, Group Quality Director and Chief Quality Officer, introduced that the company has established and improved an enterprise standard system including technical standards, management standards, and work standards in accordance with the requirements of the “Enterprise Standard System” series of national standards, and implemented standardized management in all aspects of production and operations. . At the same time, he emphasized the importance of process, “A system without process support is just a system hanging on the wall.”

During the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, the integration of informatization and informatization in the home textile industry has accelerated, and intelligent manufacturing has become a general trend for the quality improvement of home textile companies. In response to the problem of yarn stripping and thread running after fabric is cut, Shanghai Starfish Home Textiles Co., Ltd. has developed and customized an automatic cutting bed specifically for kit products, which not only ensures product quality, but also greatly saves labor and promotes efficiency improvement. This equipment upgrade case was selected as a typical case of quality improvement in the home textile industry in 2021. The white paper proposes that enterprises should improve quality and efficiency, accelerate the transformation of enterprises into intelligent manufacturing in conjunction with international and domestic markets, and gradually build an efficient supply chain system from automation to intelligent production.

With the goal of improving the quality of small, medium and micro enterprises, Haimen established the country’s first “Home Textile Quality Cooperative” to carry out quality, standards, inspection and testing and other quality infrastructure ” One-stop service. In the past three years, the number of member units has expanded from 17 at the beginning to 553. Yang Zhaohua, vice president of the China National Textile and Apparel Federation and president of the China Home Textiles Industry Association, said that in the next step, the association will use the “quality cooperative” model and the “chief quality officer” system as the starting point to promote the industry.

Cluster development, moving towards the middle and high end of the industrial chain

Home textile industry cluster is the industry It is an indispensable component and a concentrated expression of intensive industrial development. Quality improvement at the industrial level is an important starting point for quality work.

In recent years, the China Home Textile Industry Association has conducted a survey of 28 domestic home textile industry clusters and found that home textile clusters have great challenges in government promotion, platform building, and talent introduction. Highlights of measures emerge frequently. Accordingly, Zhu Xiaohong proposed that building clusters is still the focus of industrial upgrading in the next stage. We should strengthen policy research and explore cooperation models according to local conditions; combine industrial advantages to make up for weaknesses; promote regional digital manufacturing and service capabilities; adhere to the principle of “government guidance, enterprise The main tone is “responsibility and association assistance”, integrating both integration and innovation.

江���Since the Nantong International Home Textile Industrial Park was established in November last year, it has continued to strive to build a world-class home textile industry cluster with the largest scale, the best quality, the most comprehensive platform and the latest business formats. Qian Suomei, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee and director of the management committee of the park, said that the park will use enhancing innovation and creativity as the engine to promote high-quality development of R&D and design; based on making the real economy bigger and stronger, it will promote high-quality development of the manufacturing industry; Guided by accelerating market transformation and upgrading, we will promote the high-quality development of new business formats; we will promote the high-quality development of new cities based on the integrated development of ports, industries and cities.

If the “quality cooperative” model is about “keeping the bottom line”, then the “Flagship Pilot” action organized by the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau this year is around “raising the bottom line” “Promote the development of high-end textile industry. With the goal of comprehensively expanding and strengthening key industrial chains such as textile fabrics, chemical fibers, and high-end home textiles, the bureau will implement three major projects: standard improvement and leadership, quality brand strengthening, and intellectual property layout. One enterprise and one policy will lead the high-end enterprises above designated size. Quality development.

Using clusters to drive the industry, the development trend of Nantong Home Textiles competing in the world and leading the way with flagships is gradually taking shape.


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