China garment – garment brands, garment information, garment media Garment News Sun Ruizhe’s concluding speech at the 2021 China Fashion Conference – looking down at the sea and the sun and moon, looking up at the vitality and color Hongmeng

Sun Ruizhe’s concluding speech at the 2021 China Fashion Conference – looking down at the sea and the sun and moon, looking up at the vitality and color Hongmeng

On October 18th and 19th, the 2021 China Garment Conference with the theme of “Creating a New Pattern and Starting a Strong Country Again” was held in Qingdao, Shandong…

On October 18th and 19th, the 2021 China Garment Conference with the theme of “Creating a New Pattern and Starting a Strong Country Again” was held in Qingdao, Shandong. The conference included the theme meeting of the 2021 China Garment Conference and the Fourth Council of the Seventh China Garment Association. , parallel meetings, high-end forums, as well as “Dream-Chasing Powerful Nation” China National Garment Association 30th Anniversary Celebration, a visit to Haier and other activities. Sun Ruizhe, President of the China Textile and Apparel Industry Federation, delivered a concluding speech at the conference. The full text of the speech is as follows.

Dear guests and friends:

“Looking down at the sea and the sunrise The moon is connected with the vitality and color Hongmeng.” It’s a great pleasure to meet you all in Qingdao. The high level of perspective sharing by entrepreneurs this morning was impressive. It should be said that the insights of these entrepreneurs were gained from trials, tribulations and practice. “Every crack in suffering will eventually become the pattern of a story.” They are all people with stories, and their stories have become the culture, spirit and wisdom for China to become stronger. Naseem, the author of “Black Swan”, has this sentence in his book “Antifragility”: “The wind will blow out the candle, but it can make the fire burn stronger and stronger. You want to become a fire and long to be touched by the wind.” We. These entrepreneurs and our industry are like a ball of fire, not afraid of challenges or changes in the external situation.

Entrepreneurs and scholars shared their eloquent views, allowing us to witness how China’s garment industry has given rise to innovation with calm thinking, smart actions, and a fighting spirit. In the post-epidemic era, this erratic dark cloud is lined with bright “golden edges”: leading brands stand out; hidden champions stand out; innovative ecology gradually becomes the norm. Here, please allow me, on behalf of the China Textile and Apparel Federation, to congratulate the convening of the conference! I would like to express my high respect to all colleagues who uphold the original intention of fashion and work hard all the way!

The Chinese garment industry is a practitioner of the transformation from Made in China to Created in China, from Chinese speed to Chinese quality, and from Chinese products to Chinese brands. The transformation from scale development to quality improvement and connotation expansion is by no means an overnight success for the apparel industry, which has 170,000 manufacturing companies, 8.26 million employees, and a total clothing output of approximately 71.2 billion pieces. What is gratifying is that the apparel industry has shown tenacious resilience and excellent innovative spirit, and has steadily improved its product supply capabilities, technological innovation capabilities, and resource allocation capabilities. By the end of 2020, it will basically achieve the goal of building a strong clothing manufacturing country, “technology, fashion “, green” is becoming the next step of high-quality development of the industry.

“Those who know how to change according to the times, and those who know how to adapt to the circumstances.” In the future, China’s clothing industry will carry the Tao with clothes, rejuvenate the country with industry, and participate in the times. , adapting to the times, shaping the times, and leading the times, will accelerate the leap from a clothing manufacturing power to a world fashion power.

The confidence for this leap comes from the unique identity attributes and aesthetic characteristics of the clothing industry.

First, clothing is an industry that integrates supply and demand and combines hardness and softness.

Behind a piece of clothing are innovations and breakthroughs in material technology, production technology, and equipment technology. Supported by the innovative applications of smart equipment and the industrial Internet, all links in the industrial chain are transforming towards digitalization and intelligence. Production methods are becoming more lean and flexible, industrial organizations are becoming more networked and platform-based, and the industry’s manufacturing economy and service economy are The trend of integrated development is becoming increasingly obvious.

For example, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology and Aimer jointly established the Institute of Ergonomics, Haier established the Internet of Clothing, etc., which can better serve the supply-side and demand-side precision. Docking; Based on the personalized needs of the market, technologies such as modeling and simulation, three-dimensional weaving, and 3D printing continue to rise, creating more possibilities for quick-response customized production and flexible clothing manufacturing systems.

Peacebird joins hands with Huawei to promote digital transformation and change, “focusing on fashion, data-driven, full-network retail”; Bosideng strengthens process innovation, technological breakthroughs, and promotes digital operations , transforming from “down jacket leader” to “down jacket expert” and “down jacket trend leader”; Ellissi explores end-to-end user demand-oriented solutions through SAP system, VIP management system, 3D cloud fitting mirror, etc. Digital fashion ecosystem.

Second, clothing is an industry that integrates time and space and “pays equal attention to reality and reality”.

Under the new technological revolution, the industry is showing a wider range of factor integration and business superposition, and interconnection, ubiquity, and extension have become important trends. From fashion trend analysis, smart fashion matching, marketing copy generation to smart marketing and transportation, the formation of smart technologies is accelerating; virtual technology drives the transition from “online” to “presence”, and immersive experience new spaces and new shopping scenes continue to innovate.

New business formats such as virtual image IP, virtual fitting, digital clothing, and digital fashion shows have emerged; physical stores are becoming intelligent and e-commerce experiences are two-way The new retail model that integrates all customers, all channels, all time periods, all links, and all data is being constructed three-dimensionally, initially realizing a new round of reconstruction of the industrial value creation model.

Ellis cooperated with Tencent Smart Retail and took the lead in launching the brand virtual character Elisa; Xiaohongshu launched the “Trendy Digital Age” plan, leveraging more than 20 A virtual person settled in to complete the global launch of new products from Off-White, Gucci, Givenchy and other brands.The spirit of � absorbs and draws on the essence of global fashion culture, takes traditional culture and world culture as the internal basis, explores clothing styles, carriers and styles that combine the spirit of the times and national charm, and continues the cultural expression of Chinese clothing style;

On the other hand, cultural self-confidence should be used as the driving force to enhance the confidence to promote and build the Chinese fashion discourse system. For example, the “White Paper on Contemporary Chinese Ceremonial Clothing” integrates the connotation of Chinese culture and life aesthetics, and positions the clothing etiquette culture and dressing thinking in the new era, new life, and new consumption. It is an important exploration to promote the development of Chinese ceremonial clothing.

Second, clothing is related to “intelligence” and the empowerment of “new technology” should be continuously strengthened.

It is necessary to consolidate the advantages of the industrial system of “more, faster, better and save”, that is, scale advantages, rapid response, good products, environmental friendliness, and cost advantages.

On the one hand, focusing on the requirements of cost reduction, efficiency improvement, quality improvement, and supply and demand docking, it is necessary to strengthen the management of the entire industry chain and realize the integration of market, design, manufacturing, and logistics. , sales and other systems interconnection, intelligent management and control, clean production;

On the other hand, attention should be paid to the innovative application and exploration of new architectural technologies.

For example, the application of artificial intelligence technology in intelligent prediction, intelligent design, intelligent production and intelligent marketing, and in different scenarios of the industrial chain;

For example, the key technology of blockchain is used to promote the development of trust economy in the clothing industry, connect virtual and physical entities, and connect industry and finance.

Third, clothing is about “need” and should continue to implement “new business” scenarios.

On the one hand, the construction of new business scenarios needs to rely on omni-channel marketing, use new generation information technology to tap potential market demand, and enhance consumer participation in product decision-making. , build and optimize the development model of co-building brands with the market. Through the integration and support of scenes, content and products, we can meet the dual emotional experience of consumers’ life and spiritual and cultural needs, and achieve content co-creation and traffic interoperability;

On the other hand, the construction of new business scenarios requires promoting model innovation.

Better build a vertical industry e-commerce ecosystem, develop new models and new business formats such as live streaming e-commerce and social e-commerce, and expand cross-border e-commerce and rural e-commerce. business and other new fields and new markets. Strengthen the integration of industries with new business formats such as platforms, communities, and scenarios, and transform data elements into market value and customer value.

To promote the high-quality expansion of cross-border e-commerce trade and strengthen the construction of overseas logistics warehouses, strong and qualified brand companies should establish R&D and design institutions overseas. ,marketing network. Since 2015, 105 cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zones have been established, covering basically the whole country from a regional perspective, forming a cross-border e-commerce development pattern that links land and sea at home and abroad, and helps each other from the east to the west. The popularity of cross-border e-commerce in the capital market has also increased rapidly. From January to June 2021, a total of 7 cross-border e-commerce platforms received 1.25 billion yuan in financing, 4 of which were fast fashion consumer goods export e-commerce companies.

Fourth, clothing is about “benevolence” and we should continue to explore the height of “new value”.

Those who wear clothes will obey them, and those who are benevolent will love others. Improving people’s well-being, promoting common prosperity, and realizing people’s all-round development should become the starting point, foothold, and focus of our industry’s value.

Humanistic values ​​must be strengthened. Be responsible for employees, create a more comfortable, safe and promising working environment and work content, and enhance employees’ sense of gain and accomplishment. Be responsible for consumers and provide products and services of higher quality, more categories, and better experience to meet people’s needs for a better life.

It is necessary to strengthen ecological value. Green development is a global consensus. Focusing on achieving carbon peak and carbon neutrality, we will systematically promote green transformation throughout the product life cycle and build a green, low-carbon, and circular value system.

To strengthen social value. Industry and regional economic and social development are the symbiosis of values. Give full play to the value enrichment effect, industrial correlation effect and innovation spillover effect of clothing as a fashion carrier, in the interaction between lifestyle and social development, in the connection and drive of industrial innovation and market extension, in the convergence and superposition of consumer resources and industrial resources. , promote the formation and strengthening of regional brands, and empower the rise of international consumer center cities.

“On the top of the mountain, you can see the rushing river; above the peaks, you can feel the mighty wind.” The clothing industry is an innovative industry bursting with wisdom. Clothing people are responsible and dare to be the first; the clothing industry is a creative industry with rich heritage, and clothing people are thoughtful and creative; the clothing industry is a naturally beautiful ecological industry, and clothing people have realms and follow nature.

In the future, writing a great chapter for a fashion power requires us to be able to observe the world with a new and scientific perspective, as well as with an open mind and unique The spirit of integrating into the world; we need to be able to maintain our manufacturing advantages based on scale and system, but also achieve fashion leadership based on oriental aesthetics and domestic demand market; we need to be able to not only meet the new expectations of domestic consumer groups for a better life, but also create a world-class An internationally renowned brand in the first echelon of global fashion. Dreams are precious, but the road is long. “One flower blooming alone is not spring, but a hundred flowers blooming together fills the garden.” I hope that all colleagues in the clothing industry can build consensus, cooperate sincerely, live up to their time, and remain committed.

The future is promising! The future belongs to us who struggle!

The future is promising! The future belongs to us who struggle!


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