Overview 1. Classification and application of health-care fabrics (1) Classification by fabric functionality 1. Health-care fabrics mainly include antibacterial fabrics, deodorizin…


1. Classification and application of health-care fabrics
(1) Classification by fabric functionality
1. Health-care fabrics mainly include antibacterial fabrics, deodorizing fabrics, anti-itch fabrics, anti-UV health-care fabrics, and high-quality fabrics. Absorbent fabrics, stain-removing fabrics, etc.
(1) Antibacterial fabric. Fabrics woven from antibacterial fibers or obtained through chemical finishing methods. Its bacteriostatic agents include natural bacteriostatic agents extracted from animals and plants, inorganic bacteriostatic agents and organic bacteriostatic agents. It can be used as quilts, work clothes and outerwear, filling materials, children’s toys, etc. (2) Deodorizing fabric. It mainly relies on antibacterial and deodorizing methods, including oxidative deodorizing and absorbing deodorizing methods. Its varieties range from outerwear, underwear, shoes and hats, bed sheets to handkerchiefs, towels, etc.
Anti-UV health care fabric. Fabrics woven with anti-UV fibers or UV shielding agents and extraction agents are attached or applied to the fabrics to make washable and durable health care fabrics, or fabrics made by adding scattering agents to synthetic fibers can greatly increase the amount of UV rays transmitted. reduce. This type of health care fabric can be used to make T-shirts, shirts, uniforms, children’s clothing, casual wear, sun hats, shawls, stockings, curtains, parasols and other sun protection products.
2. Physiotherapy and health care fabrics mainly include multifunctional health care clothing, heat therapy fabrics, magnetic therapy fabrics, complete therapy fabrics, far infrared health care fabrics, etc.
(1) Multifunctional health clothing. There are the following types.
Massage clothing. There are many protruding emulsion rubber particles stuck on the lining of the clothing. When people wear it for walking or leisure, the rubber particles massage the muscles of the whole body, dredge the meridians and relieve fatigue.
Massage cap. There are some micro massagers installed in the middle of the hat. When the switch on the hat is turned on, the massager will gently massage the head rhythmically.
Heated gloves. The gloves are equipped with a heating agent, which can generate heat evenly when worn, so that the hands will not freeze in the severe cold.
Semiconductor stockings. Its fibers contain semiconductor materials and have the function of promoting blood circulation in the lower limbs.
(2) Magnetic therapy quilt. Special synthetic resin is used instead of wadding, magnets are filled inside, and cotton is used in the quilt. The surface of the quilt is dot-like convex, which makes the blood in the back flow smoothly and straightens the spine, which can cure shoulder pain and provide relaxation and comfort.
(3) Far infrared fabric. Far-infrared fibers are made by using natural ore powder or ceramics and rare earth metal oxides, or seaweed carbon powder, granite, calcium carbide powder, etc., mixed into synthetic fibers or silk. Or perform far-infrared post-finishing on the fabric to make it have thermal insulation and antibacterial effects. It can be used for all kinds of work clothes, bedding materials, etc.
(1) Medicinal health care fabrics mainly include Chinese herbal health care fabrics, Western medicine health care fabrics, mosquito repellent fabrics, aromatic fabrics, etc.
Chinese herbal health fabrics. Chinese herbal medicine and plant spices are added to cotton, linen, silk, wool and other fibers to become medicinal fibers. The fabrics produced have antibacterial, deodorant, mildew-proof, disease-proof and other functions. It can be organized into health underwear, shirts, pajamas, socks, insoles, diapers, medical tape, gauze, bedding, etc.
(2) Traditional Chinese medicine health service. Insert medicine bags with different medicinal ingredients into different parts of work clothes to make shoulder pads, waist pads, knee pads, stomach warming vests, etc., which can respectively warm the body and dispel cold, relax muscles and activate collaterals, and relieve lungs and resolve phlegm. effect.
(3) Mosquito-proof fabric. Apply a thin film of diclofenac, pyrethrin and fixative to the surface of the fabric. Mosquitoes and other blood-sucking insects will die in 15 seconds if they come into contact with the surface of the fabric. Can be used to make mosquito nets, curtains, coats, etc.

Japan and many countries in Western Europe have also achieved good results in the development of ceramic fabric products. Since ceramic materials have extremely low thermal conductivity and high emissivity, if they are fired into needle-like or fiber-like shapes, they can be finished into ceramic PU coatings. Fabric or ceramic fiber fabric, such fabric can store the heat energy released by the human body and then release it as far-infrared rays, which can increase the thermal insulation of the fabric and can also inhibit the reproduction of bacteria. At present, many developed countries have developed and produced a series of thermal insulation fabric products, and are gradually moving towards functional fit and functional efficiency.


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