What fabric is best for making Hanfu?

Hanfu is the traditional costume of the Han nationality. Although we rarely see people wearing this kind of clothing in daily life or work, the number of Hanfu enthusiasts has incr…

Hanfu is the traditional costume of the Han nationality. Although we rarely see people wearing this kind of clothing in daily life or work, the number of Hanfu enthusiasts has increased significantly in recent years. We can see it in some scenic spots or universities. There are many types of Hanfu, and their quality can also be divided into good and bad. The fabric is what determines the quality of Hanfu. Quality is a key factor. The prices of Hanfu made of different fabrics can vary greatly. So what is the best fabric for Hanfu? Below I will introduce to you several fabrics commonly used in the production of Hanfu.

Polyester Hanfu: Polyester is a commonly used fabric for the production of Hanfu. Polyester has outstanding performance in wear resistance and dyeability. The material of chiffon fabric is also polyester. Chiffon is also very suitable for the production of Hanfu, and polyester is also cheaper. You can buy a set of this type of Hanfu for about 100 to 200 yuan.

Tencel Hanfu: Tencel fabric is made of wood fiber. First of all, this natural fiber has a feel similar to cotton and a drape comparable to silk. These characteristics make Tiancel Silk is very suitable for making Hanfu that requires high drape. Secondly, Tencel’s fabric is relatively thin and has excellent moisture absorption and breathability. Tencel Hanfu is light and elegant when worn and does not feel stuffy. Of course, its price It will be higher than polyester Hanfu.

Satin Hanfu: Satin fabric is a kind of fabric with a smooth surface and good gloss. It is often used in the production of performance clothes, formal wear and other clothing. It is of course suitable for the production of Hanfu. Satin fabric also has good drape, and this type of fabric is not prone to pilling or wrinkling.

Yarn Hanfu: Common ones include Korean yarn, organza, etc. Everyone knows that good drape is the characteristic of this kind of yarn. The raw material for making organza can be polyester or polyester. It is made of real silk, which is softer than polyester but much more expensive. The specific choice can be based on your own budget.

The above are the commonly used fabrics for making Hanfu. In comparison, Tencel Hanfu will have more advantages. Of course, the mall also sells the above-mentioned Hanfu fabrics. Friends who need to buy can go to Search the fabric name in the Hall 3 mall to check the price.


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