Functional fiber | What is silver fiber?

1. Characteristics of silver fiber Silver fiber is a high-tech product obtained by permanently bonding a layer of pure silver to the surface of the fiber through special technology…

1. Characteristics of silver fiber

Silver fiber is a high-tech product obtained by permanently bonding a layer of pure silver to the surface of the fiber through special technology. This structure not only allows the silver fiber to maintain its original textile properties, but also gives it all the magical functions of silver and the magical effects of silver fiber.

With the development of science and technology, silver fiber has developed from the initial chemical silver plating method to a silver fiber production technology that uses nanotechnology as the underlying technology and combines chemical and physical methods to produce fabrics. It is nano silver fiber fabric. However, there are only a few domestic factories capable of producing nanosilver fibers, and most of them have immature technologies and unstable product performance.

Silver in the traditional sputtering process is physically attached to the textile fibers. Due to the insufficient precision of the process, there are often leaks, splashes, etc., which will affect the electromagnetic shielding effect of the garment to a certain extent and cause shielding leakage problems. The “silver ion ultra-precision quenching technology” of Youjia radiation protection clothing has completely solved this technical problem;

2. Performance: radiation protection

Silver has good electrical conductivity, which is several times or even hundreds of times that of general conductive metals. It is the basic principle of conductivity and radiation resistance. Fabrics woven with silver fiber are excellent materials for shielding electromagnetic radiation.

3. Antistatic Sex

Due to the high conductivity of silver, it resists 5000v static electricity, with electromagnetic shielding function. As long as a small amount of silver fiber is present on the clothing, the static electricity generated by friction will be quickly eliminated, making the product comfortable without static electricity. Therefore, the silver fiber can conduct electricity very quickly and efficiently. , and can protect the human body from electromagnetic waves (pregnant women can protect their fetuses from electromagnetic wave pollution)

4. Powerful deodorization

Anti-mildew and deodorization function. The growth of bacteria will cause the body to produce odor, and the silver ions on the surface of the silver fiber can quickly remove it. Ammonia and deteriorated proteins are adsorbed on it to reduce or eliminate odor.

5. Powerful antibacterial

The mechanism of metallic silver sterilization is to block the physiological process of bacteria. In a warm and humid environment, silver ions have very high biological activity – this means that silver ions can easily combine with other substances, causing the proteins inside and outside the bacterial cell membrane to solidify, thereby blocking the bacterial cell’s respiration and reproduction process. The warmer and humid the environment, the stronger the activity of silver ions.

Silver fiber has been tested to resist 99.9% of surface damage within 1 hour bacteria. Most other antibacterial products still fail to achieve the same effect after 48 hours of testing.

Silver fiber is made by tightly polymerizing silver and fiber. It has It is permanent and will not diminish due to time and washing. Even after being washed 250 times, its antibacterial function has not been reduced at all.

6. All natural

Silver fiber is used” Made of “pure silver”, it is a natural element formed in nature and has no toxic or side effects of general chemical products.

7. Thermal insulation

Thermal conduction (THERMODYNAMIC): Silver fiber can quickly conduct and dissipate the temperature on the skin to lower the body temperature , to achieve a cool feeling; in cold weather, the human body’s pores shrink and no longer sweat a lot, and instead emit radiation energy to regulate body temperature. The loss of body temperature is due to the radiation effect, and silver is the most effective storage and reflection material. Stores or reflects radiant energy back to the body to produce optimal warmth.

8 .Health care

With the rapid conduction characteristics of “silver”, it can promote blood circulation, eliminate or significantly reduce fatigue, and achieve medical and health care functions. It is theoretically true that clothes containing silver are easy to conduct electricity and increase the risk of being struck by lightning. However, a piece of clothing made of silver fiber contains less than one percent silver. As long as it is not worn in open areas on rainy days, , still very safe.

9. Radiation protection clothing

Colored silver fiber adopts international leading technology. Fully combine the silver ions with the fiber and place the silver in the core layer of the fiber. It has stronger protective capabilities, is thin and comfortable, soft and breathable, and has better comfort.

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