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Empowering big data to reshape the textile industry

How to become mainstream in the torrent of data revolution The Shandong Textile Industry Internet Big Data Platform (Center) was officially unveiled on December 11, 2020. This is t…

How to become mainstream in the torrent of data revolution

The Shandong Textile Industry Internet Big Data Platform (Center) was officially unveiled on December 11, 2020. This is the first provincial center in the national textile industry , is also one of the important contents of industry services provided by Shandong Textile and Garment Industry Association during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period. Big data construction is divided into two important dimensions, one is industry-wide data; the other is the collection and application of data from various enterprises. At the exchange meeting on February 23, Shandong Textile and Garment people expressed their opinions and conducted in-depth discussions on the construction of Shandong Textile Big Data Center.

“Big data itself empowers the industry, and on this basis, we have a lot of work to do, such as: production and sales, inventory proofing, financial science and technology innovation, etc., especially in large quantities. Small and medium-sized enterprises require a large amount of financial support, which will be reflected in the entire industrial chain scenario application centered on the big data platform.”

“From an enterprise perspective, currently, the textile industry in Shandong Province There are a large number of clothing companies and small and medium-sized enterprises. Most of these companies lack information technology and Internet talents. The phenomenon of data islands is serious, and the linkage efficiency of various links in the industrial chain is low, resulting in inventory backlogs, delivery delays, etc. Some leading ideas Enterprises have improved their advantages in production and sales through unique big data systems and corresponding process improvements. At present, enterprises such as Qingdao Kute and Zibo Heisiburg have realized large-scale customized clothing production processes, making the value of data Be amplified.”

“Whoever can become the mainstream in this data revolution will have the ‘golden key’ for enterprise development, and will easily solve the common problems of most textile and garment enterprises: How to reduce or even eliminate sample proofing? How to reduce inventory? How to realize customized production in the clothing industry…”

“Take the enterprise’s personalized customized production scenario as an example, which can rely on our Internet big data The platform builds a big data system in consumer fields such as users, products, and circulation to accurately grasp customized product information. Through the platform’s technical resource sharing library service, it assists companies in completing the development and design of personalized customized products; through the integration of the order system and the production and operation management system, Strengthen the coordination and cooperation of various departments within the enterprise to achieve rapid and accurate response to market trends and user needs, and solve the problem that the enterprise’s traditional model product research and development cannot meet the personalized needs of consumers.”

Relying on the industrial foundation


Use data to integrate the industrial chain

“Industrial clusters have become an important gathering of innovation, transformation and upgrading in our province. The development of industrial clusters has enabled our province’s textile and garment industry to shift from large enterprises to small enterprises in the past. The development mode of independence, decentralization and self-contained system has been transformed into a new development form of simultaneous development of large and medium-sized enterprises, aggregation of supporting facilities, and interactive innovation.” Wang, deputy secretary-general of China Textile Industry Industrial Internet Alliance and assistant general manager of China Textile Network Information Technology Co., Ltd. Zhengguang made a high-level summary of Shandong’s textile and apparel industry cluster. Big data has become a new key production factor. Developing big data technology, cultivating the data element market, and stimulating data value are inevitable requirements for economic and social innovation and development. “We can build industry economic databases, e-commerce databases, import and export databases, carbon emission databases, etc., and realize data visualization, and create portraits of the overall industry data, upstream and downstream industry data, industrial cluster data, etc.”

The construction and digital transformation of the Internet big data platform (center) of the textile industry in Shandong Province have become an inevitable product of the trend of textile and clothing informatization. Shandong Province is where China’s textile industry clusters gather. It has made remarkable achievements in promoting “intelligent production methods, digitalized production forms, and platform-based industrial organizations” in the direction of digital transformation. However, in the development process, we still face problems such as difficulty in using data, isolation of systems to form information islands, inability to share and exchange information, difficulty in reflecting the value of data, and lack of monitoring and prediction.

The application of industrial Internet is not uncommon in Shandong. Inspur Industrial Internet Machine Tool Cloud Platform extensively collects data changes such as oil volume, temperature, and horizontal angle at each rotation point of the machine, and the system generates a The normal operating value of the machine. Once it exceeds the range of this operating value, an early warning will be issued. Haier Kaos is also a pioneer in the field of industrial Internet. It is widely used in Zichuan Ceramics Base and has empowered the entire architectural ceramics industry in Zibo.

Shandong Province’s textile industry has a solid foundation and rich application scenarios. The industrial Internet with digitalization and intelligence as its core will bring about in-depth changes in production methods and business models. The construction of the Shandong Province Textile Industry Internet Big Data Platform (Center) will reshape the form of the textile industry, relying on a strong industrial foundation and broad application scenarios to grasp the direction of the entire industrial chain value chain.

The construction of the Shandong Province Textile Industry Internet Big Data Platform (Center), with the support of current favorable policies, still requires a lot of work to be done, and all aspects of factor resources must be gathered to promote it. “This cannot be done quickly by one unit or one enterprise. It requires joint planning and joint efforts by the entire industry.” said Chen Yu, secretary-general of the Shandong Industrial Internet Association.

On February 23, an exchange seminar on the construction of the Shandong Textile Industry Internet Big Data Platform (Center) was held in the Mass Media Building. It discussed how to establish big data, what problems big data solves, and how to do it in the future; it was clarified that big data should be used as a support to empower the Shandong textile and garment industry and strengthen and strengthen the chain to promote…The development path of Dongdong Textile’s digital transformation and comprehensive improvement of technological innovation capabilities.


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