Three-proof cloth/fireproof cloth

Three-proof cloth/fireproof cloth Three-proof fabric is a specially treated fiber fabric with a tight organizational structure and high temperature resistance. Performance characte…

Three-proof cloth/fireproof cloth

Three-proof fabric is a specially treated fiber fabric with a tight organizational structure and high temperature resistance.

Performance characteristics of three-proof fabric:

1. Waterproof, flame-retardant, mildew-proof, cold-proof and anti-corrosion

2.Aging resistance

3. UV protection

4.Easy to clean

5. High temperature resistance (180 degrees).


1. It can well protect objects away from hot spots and spark areas, and completely prevent combustion or isolate combustion.

2. Can be widely used in the shipbuilding industry for ship frame construction and repair;

3. It can also be used in petrochemical enterprises for thermal insulation, insulation and welding of metal structures and other places, showing good protection adaptability.

4. Fireproof blankets made of fireproof canvas are suitable for fire construction in large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels and other public entertainment places: such as

Welding, cutting, etc.;

5. The use of this product can directly reduce spark splash, isolate flammable and explosive dangerous goods, and ensure the safety of people’s lives and the integrity of property


Main uses of three-proof cloth:

1. Tarpaulin type: widely used in tarpaulins for trains and automobile transportation, and tarpaulins for grain storage, docks, and warehouses. (Mainly waterproof)

2. Air guide cloth: drilling tower clothing, various tents, mine air guides, etc. (Mainly waterproof, fireproof, coldproof, anti-corrosion, etc.)

3. Insulation: used to wrap various pipes and equipment, and can be cut into strips.

4.Made into fireproof tape.

5. Fireproof welding blanket (for welding protection on ships, etc.), fireproof isolation barrier, fireproof tent.

6. Make architectural membrane materials and produce various landscape projects.

7. Set up various tents, temporary houses, etc.

Advantages of movable inorganic fireproof cloth smoke barrier wall

The movable smoke-proof hanging wall is more flexible to use and has no requirements on the height of the ceiling. Unlike the fixed smoke-proof hanging wall, the hanging height is fixed and the ceiling is too

It is low and not suitable for installation; while the movable smoke barrier shrinks during daily use and has no impact on the aesthetics of the building. It will only be used when a fire occurs

time, it will descend to the specified position or height.

With the popularization of new fire protection regulations, fire protection acceptance is becoming more and more strict, and the demand for movable smoke barriers is also increasing. The following is an introduction to movable smoke barriers

Advantages of vertical walls: 1. Rapid work response. The single smoke barrier can be put in place within 6 seconds, which is a very fast response. Fire-fighting linkage smoke barrier

After the fire is confirmed, the automatic alarm system can link all the movable smoke-proof vertical walls installed in the smoke-proof partition within 15 seconds, and all of them can be lowered into place within 60 seconds.

2. Multiple control methods The movable smoke barrier can be divided into manual control and automatic control. Manual control is achieved through a button box mounted on the wall,

The button box is designed at about 1.3m-1.5m from the ground and is easy to operate; automatic control relies on the detector to transmit signals to the controller or fire control room,

Issue a descent order. 3. Intelligent induction, timely alarm. Usually the movable smoke barrier uses a smoke detector, and its interior adopts ion smoke detector

The sensor realizes fire prevention by detecting the concentration of smoke in the air. It has scientific technology and good working stability, so it is used in various fire alarms.

In the system, its function is due to the gas-sensitive resistor type alarm.
Supplement to the shrinkage state of the smoke barrier: temperature sensor detector, the principle of which is that when a fire occurs, the burning of surrounding materials generates a large amount of heat, causing the surrounding temperature to change

, which aims at the temperature change around a certain point in the warning range or a certain line and converts it into an electrical signal to achieve early warning purposes. Comparative temperature detection

Detector, smoke detector is more suitable for electric smoke barrier hanging wall. 4. The smoke blocking effect is good. The inorganic fireproof cloth used in the movable smoke blocking wall will be equipped with anti-swing under it

Hammer stainless steel bars to firmly stabilize the drooping height, which is beneficial to smoke storage, prevents smoke from spreading, and facilitates the smoke exhaust system to discharge smoke in time.

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