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International cooperation deepens the flame-retardant protective clothing market

International cooperation deepens the flame-retardant protective clothing market Taihe New Materials (002254), a domestic high-performance fiber manufacturer, has joined forces wit…

International cooperation deepens the flame-retardant protective clothing market

Taihe New Materials (002254), a domestic high-performance fiber manufacturer, has joined forces with Austrian company Lenzing to jointly develop the flame-retardant protective clothing market. 3.15

On the same day, the two parties signed a strategic cooperation agreement and will draw on the successful experience of aramid fiber and FR fiber in the European and American markets to further develop the protective clothing market.

Lenzing is the world’s largest high-end cellulose fiber manufacturer. Its famous Modal and Lyocell fibers are popular around the world, and its FR thermal protection

Viscose fibers are more widely used in special protective clothing in high-risk areas. The company and Lenzing have been engaged in petroleum fire protection tooling and electricity protection a few years ago

Cooperation is carried out in the fields of arc suits and other fields. The two high-performance flame-retardant fibers developed by the company, Tameda meta-aramid fiber and FR, complement each other’s advantages and become safe and comfortable

An excellent complement to flame retardant protective clothing.

As an important piece of personal protective equipment, safety protective clothing has a global demand of hundreds of millions of sets every year, growing at an average annual double-digit rate.

According to Li Lingshen, president of the China Industrial Textiles Association, currently in the domestic personal protection field, except for fire-fighting clothing, which is in line with international standards, aramid fabrics are used

In addition, safety protective clothing in other industries are basically made of cotton or polyester flame-retardant treated fabrics, which are generally flame-retardant after washing

It has shortcomings such as rapid decline, short service life, low temperature resistance, and poor comfort. New safety protective clothing and flame-retardant fabrics have wide application fields and high added value

, the annual demand for special safety protective clothing in the domestic labor protection industry alone is more than 20 million sets, and the market growth rate is more than 25%.

The company is a domestic meta-aramid manufacturer. The Tameda meta-aramid developed has been used in batches of national forest armed police fire-fighting combat uniforms.

Urban firefighting combat uniforms, special police training uniforms, high temperature resistant work clothes, flame retardant safety textiles in public places and other fields enjoy a high share in the domestic market

Have rate.

Research on anti-static and flame-retardant fabric coal protective clothing for coal miners
China Coal Mine Anti-static and Flame-Retardant Coal Protective Equipment Display Event, held at the 7th China International Production Safety and Occupational Health from September 23 to 25

Presented at the exhibition. This event is hosted by the Industry Management Department of the State Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau, the China Occupational Safety and Health Association, and China Professional Clothing Industry

It is co-organized by the Industry Association and China Industrial Anti-static Textiles R&D Center.

It is understood that among the 700 million industrial workers in our country, 6 million are coal miners. They work for many years in harsh conditions such as high gas and high dust

In a working environment, their safety and health should be protected. In recent years, due to insufficient labor protection equipment and poor production environment

Safety accidents continue to occur, such as the recent major accident caused by dust accumulation in Kunshan, which caused heavy casualties.

In April this year, Wang Yaomin, President of the China Workwear Industry Association, led the development of functional protective fabrics and professional wear leaders of the China Workwear Industry Association

The heads of industrial enterprises formed a research team to investigate the Muchengjian Coal Mine of Beijing Haohua Energy Co., Ltd. and Hebei Kailuan Co., Ltd.

Fan Kuang conducted in-depth research. In view of the current development status, existing problems and development space of occupational protective clothing for workers in my country’s coal industry, coal

The working environment and work characteristics of industrial workers, the functional requirements of coal workers for occupational protective clothing, clothing attributes and working environment, and work requirements

Consistency, clothing identification and cost positioning, oil-proof, anti-fouling and other functions of clothing materials, as well as wear resistance, strength, color fastness, clothing materials

The insulation, warmth retention, windproof, waterproof, breathable, moisture permeable and other functions of the material, especially the combination of clothing shape and human body fit, and the pressure on the body

As well as an in-depth investigation of the touch of the skin and the contemporary language expression of clothing based on professional characteristics, that is, the fashionability of clothing.

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